Books To Thrill, Guide and Excite

More great now books have arrived on the Sh! shelves this week. From kinky fantasy to practical massage tips, there’s some great buys new on our website.

Slow Sex Secrets
Tips from Master Masseur Adam Tokunaga, combining his expertise in massage with the knowledge gains from research with over a thousand women, to impart the sweet secrets needed to have slow, intimate sex that’s ultimately satisfying for both partners – and not just satisfying but super-satisfying!

Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women
Rachel Kramer Bussel’s collection of nakedly erotic stories about the ultimate barrier and the power of revelation…Smooth tells stories about tattoos and going commando, about stripping and sploshing, and lots more besides! Featuring some of the hottest erotica writers out there, Smooth is a collection of stories to thrill, tease and tantalize!

Female Submission: The Journals of Madelaine
The author of Erotic Submission, Claudia Varrin, tells the story of her alter ego Madelaine as she searches for and finds the perfect Master, and learns to enjoy and revel in her own submission him. A thrilling tale of one woman’s journey to explore her submissive side…

Season of Infidelity
Four kinky short stories from Oniroku Dan, noted writer and explorer of BDSM. In these four tales, he recounts his various experiences with BDSM, creating a highly-charged fantasy world based upon his own erotic expriences.

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