Ben Wa Balls Review

Stringless Ben Wa Balls for Exercise

Whilst the Ben Wa Balls certainly provide a great work out, they made me feel a little worried I’d lose them inside myself as they are so small and without any string attachment.

Ben Wa Balls £10
Ben Wa Balls £10

The first time I used them, I didn’t use enough lube and one did go astray and resulted in a moment of panic. Of course it’s not possible to lose them inside oneself and after a few moments of comical jumping up and down on the spot, the second one fell out.

I’ve since used my Ben Wa balls with more lube and far more success, and find that whilst I don’t prefer them for PC exercise over other balls available (I use Je Joue Ami for this), I do enjoy Ben Wa balls for the fun-factor as it often turn into a comical game of ‘keep them from popping out’ whilst you get on with the housework.  

Using the Ben Wa balls amuse both me and my partner and I’m getting the added bonus of some exercise alongside all this too!


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