Bad Angels Book Review

Review by Joanna

Bad Angels is a naughty festive treat from Rebecca Chance, also known for some very sexy bonkbusters such as Killer Heels, Bad Girls, Bad Sisters and Divas.

In true Rebecca Chance style, Bad Angels is full of glamour, sex and scandal. The story takes place in Limehouse Wharf, ‘a luxury hideaway for the rich, famous and disgraced’ during the Christmas period.

I wouldn’t want to spoil the story for you, but this is a tale filled with suspense, revenge and, of course, red hot sex!

Starting a few days before Christmas Day, Bad Angels follows the inhabitants of Limehouse Wharf, including two people recovering from invasive plastic surgery, the nurse working over the Christmas shift, and a Russian Oligarch tormented by his estranged wife.

Unlike some erotica, Bad Angels isn’t cover-to-cover sex, but there is definitely something for everyone’s tastes – Bondage, butt plugs, blow jobs and Brazilian toy boys!

There’s also the blossoming romance between Aniela, the Polish nurse, and Jon Jordan, an American assassin for hire, whilst he is under her care, recovering from full facial reconstructive surgery (it could happen!). The sexual tension is apparent as soon as they meet in the early chapters, and soon they are ripping one another’s clothes off in the throes of passion.

The glitzy magic of Christmas is the perfect backdrop for Bad Angels, and this escapist read is a fun way to start the New Year and keep you occupied throughout January!

Available at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, Hoxton.

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