Awakenings by Rosetta Whitehead

Awakenings, by Rosetta Whitehead
Sh! Erotic Art Exhibition Launch

The Place: Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, Hoxton Square

The Time: 6-8pm, Tuesday June 1st

The Price: FREE

Book: Please email us for a place on the guest list!

Rosetta Whitehead studied photography at Leeds College of art and design, and graduated last summer. She is currently living and working in Brighton.

Her work is intended to evoke wonder and mystery, celebrating the Goddess within all women. Her work is defined by a dreamy ethereal aesthetic; this is created, in the camera, employing long exposures. She ‘flirts with chance in her digital darkroom’. This way of working is exciting because it is never possible to fully envisage the finished result. Rosetta also studied and has made holograms. Captivated by this mysterious medium of holography, Rosetta plays with the aspect of three-dimensionality in her new images, creating an uncanny atmosphere reminiscent of the surrealists.

The female form is a powerful ‘presence’, and it is something that is often distorted and abused in our modern culture. Rosetta attempts to reveal and revere the mysterious wild women within us all. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, her work explores themes of mortality, reality, dreams, and the unconscious.

“I was beginning to feel that everything had been done in photography and that it was no longer possible to come up with anything original. Rosetta Whitehead’s beautifully crafted and imaginative work just goes to show what a fresh eye can bring to an old medium. Rosetta may draw inspiration from the past but she is very much a woman of her own time, creating images that are both contemporary yet timeless, erotic yet innocent, manipulating light in celebration of the female form.” Jonathan Ross, hologram archivist, and owner of ‘Gallery 286’.

The Sh! Girlz are really excited about hosting Rosetta Whitehead’s work. We’re holding the launch on the first of June, but we get to hang on to the pics for a month, so you can pop in any time in June to see them! Gents, please bring a lady-friend along when you visit. We’re open 12 noon til 8pm seven days a week – we’re looking forward to seeing you!

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