Dec ’13 Art Exhibition by John Evans

John Evans Erotic Photography

1st – 31st December 2013

Monday – Sunday, 12-8pm


John spends his time shooting in the studio and planning trips around the world to photograph beautiful women in intriguing locations.

His intimate studies of the nude female focus on the way light caresses skin to sculpt the image of the woman in front of the lens.

His studio nudes aim for simplicity and directness to convey their message to the viewer.

Location work looks for contrasts between the softness and vulnerability of skin and female form and the harshness and jeopardy of natural or derelict spaces.

His work is produced digitally with editing kept to the minimum required to produce the final image in a clean form, seeking the simplicity on the far side of complexity. John’s work has been exhibited and published worldwide.

His images have been used on book covers, both in Europe and the US. His aim is to continue refining his craft to bring his work to a wider audience. John’s exhibition will be on display throughout December at Sh!


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