Anal & Safer Sex

Why you should always use condoms during anal sex…

Anal sex is the most risky transmission route for many STD’s, including the HIV virus,  and penises must be condom-clad anytime they are involved in anal play.

Pasante Naturelle Single Condom
Pasante Naturelle Single Condom

The great thing is that condoms also turn toys and penises into sleeker playthings for the delicate art of anal pleasure.

Using condoms for all types of anal sex (with toys or penises) make it easy and quick to clean-up. Simply slip off the condom and most of the work is done!

So, whilst using condoms for anal is vital for safer-sex, they also have added benefits!

Other Barriers for Safer Anal Play

Latex gloves are great for ensuring hand-to anal contact is as safe as can be.  The skin in and around the anus is thin and more easily torn, than regular skin. Long or sharp nails, or bitten/bleeding cuticles can be a transmission route for HIV virus.

Coated in lube, latex gloves turns your hands into sleek, safe playthings and makes clean-up super quick and easy.

Dams are the  safer-sex choice for anal licking as they form a barrier between mouth and anus.

Many people, both the ‘do-ers’ and the receivers, prefer to use dams during anal licking, simply because they allow everybody to relax more, without hygiene-worries.



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