We all have that one friend who is obsessed with star signs, horoscopes and possibly chakras too. This article is perfect for them. Or you, if you’re looking to buy them a birthday present or are simply trying to find out what they’re on about.

To start with the basics, we have a thing called the zodiac. This refers to the space encompassing the ecliptic and approximately nine degrees around it. The ecliptic is the looped “pathway” that the Earth makes when orbiting the sun and passing certain star-groups on its way. This journey is split into twelve equal segments of thirty degrees (because 12 x 30 is 360; almost the number of days in the year). These 12 sections correlate to what we know as the star signs. So, the date and time you were born are assigned a zodiac or star sign according to the position of the planets, the moon and the sun at the time of birth. The position of the sun at the time of birth supposedly determines one’s personality whereas the position of the moon governs one’s emotions or inner mood. So, now you know the actual logistics of why you’re so incredibly turned on by sexy Scorpios…

Gemstones have been thought to have a relationship with the zodiac signs since practically forever. The first recording of their seemingly solid relationship was back in the first century as Josephus wrote up the first Latin transcription of the Bible. Since then, the ancient Egyptians went wild for them, as did the Greeks and Romans. It was believed that if you wore the appropriate gemstone for your sign, you would receive good fortune. This theory wasn’t enough for some and so, if you were rich enough, you’d get a talisman with all twelve stones in.

In fact, our love for horoscopes and birthstones remains undying. Vice has recently released an app providing daily horoscopes. One of our team member’s mothers actually reads hers via the human translator of a psychic horse in her favourite weekly magazine. Meanwhile, we have just got a whole range of horoscope-specific gift sets in from the luxurious sex accessory brand; Bijoux Indiscrets. These gift sets include a birthstone, a vibrator, and a clitoral balm. Wow. Astro-holy cow. Personalisation at it’s finest.

The gemstone

So, star signs are determined by planetary behaviours, i.e. their movement and interaction with the sun and moon. Dependant on the stones’ believed properties and star sign traits, certain gemstones are assigned to the zodiac to bring good luck to the signs. For instance, if you’re a Gemini and you’re sauntering around with a Tiger’s Eye pendant on (like the one in this set); this can only be a good thing. This is because Tiger’s Eye has been assigned to the sign Gemini. Why? Geminis are meant to be flighty social butterflies with a split personality whilst Tiger’s Eye is believed to be deliberately grounding. It makes sense. It clears the mind somewhat of unrest and uneasiness. It is believed to make the wearer happier. In a funny kind of way, so do sex toys. They bring you orgasmic pleasure. They remind you that you are only human. They look after your mental and physical wellbeing. Why not combine these two powers into an unholy force and create a set that includes both your birthstone and a sex toy inside?! …wait a second…

The vibrator

Straight outta heaven, we give you the Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope finger vibrator. That may sound like a mouthful but we figure that the longer a title is, the more important it sounds. This vibe slips onto your finger like Cinderella’s life-changing glass slipper. With seven settings and irresistibly smooth silicone, this intense buzz will send shivers through its owner’s body at just the thought of it.

The clitoral balm

Last up, we have a clit stimulating balm, which funnily enough looks like any ordinary lip balm. This comes in four varieties depending on the element of your star sign. The four elements are as follows, fire, air, earth, and water. These elements are designated star signs in accordance with certain personality traits. The idea is that because these four elements make up the world, they’re all kind of dependent on each other – nice, hey?

Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Bijoux Indiscrets has assigned each element an appropriate scent, to make your clitoral balm that bit fancier. Fire is assigned spiced ginger, earth is vetiver, air is star anise and water is sandalwood. Apply it to your clit and feel the tingles start to rush.

Altogether now

Mercury may be in retrograde, but with this gorgeous little gift set in hand, your woes will be no more. It’s TLC for both your spirit and your clit. Priced at a modest £39.00, Bijoux Indiscrets is making magic happen for crystal-healing-lovers in more ways than one!


Christmas Shopping Events

Instead of our usual line up of educational workshops and talks, this December we are inviting you and your best friends or colleagues to discover cherry-picked toys, treats and sex tips from our fun & friendly team of pleasure experts at our shop in Shoreditch.

Join us for our Christmas Shopping Events on Wednesday the 12th & Wednesday the 19th of December.

We’ll provide mulled wine and mince pies to get you feeling warmed up and festive, before inviting you to explore all the goodies we have on offer this Christmas. If you fancy treating yourself, we have the magnificent ZALO Queen, or if you’re shopping for a friend, we have small and cute vibes like the Glittering Bullet. Whatever your desire and budget, we’ll use our match-making skills to ensure you feel satisfied both during and after your visit!

Booking your visit in advance will ensure you get £3 off your purchases on the night/s.



If you’re looking for a more private affair, we can accommodate that too. Turn on more than Rudolph’s nose this Christmas and book yourself & your gal pals an exclusive shopping soiree this festive season!

It’s time to step up the gift giving. Novelty socks, bath bombs and on-offer perfumes all have their place, but this year, put down the Thorntons tray and think outside the chocolate box! We have a whole shop full of versatile gifts that, rest assured, can fill more than a stocking.

Sex toys and erotic products promise hours of fun, whether you’re buying for your partner, your best friend or even just nabbing a Tenga Egg or two for your Secret Santa (n.b. we do not recommend this if you’ve pulled your boss’ name out of the hat – awks all around). These are memorable presents that show to your lucky recipient your thoughtfulness, your attention to detail and your earnest well wishes.


Talk to our sexperts

Dedicated to spreading holiday cheer, our team can advise you & your bezzie mates on the best products and offer a multitude of great sex tips – whether this is how to approach your partner on the subject of spanking, or how to work a toy and get the banana boat in motion.

We want you to have an extra-merry Christmas with the best selection of presents and if learning how to use a strap-on is the key to your happiness, then we are here to help!

We have cake!

Mulled wine & mince pies, or Prosecco & Fancies… Either way, it’s the perfect way to spend an evening with good friends! We’ll throw in some discounts especially for your group,  and we’ll wrap your goodies nicely too – this opportunity really is too good to miss.

Our events are known for being relaxed, fun and informative so even the most bashful of your group will feel welcome.

Orgasmic offerings

Gold-Butt-PLug-WhiteEverything in our shop has been cherry-picked to jingle your bells. We may not stock frankincense or myrrh, but we do have a variety of golden products. In fact, we aim to offer a multitude of fabulous toys, each with their own special trick, whether that is a buzz, thrust, tingle, lick or rumble.

If you would prefer a book, a game, a ball gag, or a set of lingerie, we offer oodles of options for you to peruse in your quest to find the ultimate personalised gift (please see our Clone-a-Pussy chocolate mould for a literal expression of this). Otherwise, for those whose seasonal turkeys are prone to burning, we have a selection of sensual edible treats to tempt you with as your perfect Christmas pudding…

Book Your Shopping Event

After reading this you may now be thinking that your festive run-up would not be complete without a trip to Sh! – and you are correct.

Email us at for available dates and prices.

See you soon!



Wedding Fever Competition Gift Box

Share #WeddingNightFlops & #WeddingNightFix to WIN a Bridal Gift Set worth £145!

Wedding fever is building and we’re getting ready for some serious romance; the wedding of Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle is due to take place on 19th of May at St George’s Chapel.


We have dusted off our hats and Union Jack flags in hot anticipation but that’s not all: in preparation for the festivities, we’re giving away a fantastic Bridal Gift Set worth a whopping £145!

The Bridal Gift Set is a comprises of a selection of cherry-picked products that are fit for a Princess, but the really good news is that you needn’t be either Princess or Bride to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic pleasure box; all you have to do is say “I do” and hop onboard our competition below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


 Take a closer look at this royally fantastic prize

  • Bracli pearl thong – sexy smalls which deliver secret stimulation when worn throughout the day.

Bracli Pearl Thong: a strand of real cultured pearls sensually stimulates the clitoris as the wearer sits, stands and moves around. Handmade in Spain with soft stretch lace and 46 body-safe genuine Manacor pearls, the ivory pearl thong looks and feels incredibly luxurious, and certainly adds a little something to any Wedding Day.


Delicate pearl-effect stick-on jewellery is perfect for a wedding strip with wow-factor.  Wear on their own or under the Bridal lingering for an additional surprise when the party is over and the Wedding night is about to start…

  • A padded satin blindfold is a must for sensual play and the white, handmade version included in this hamper has been designed for thrilling play.

With 30 inch long tie-backs and a totally opaque padded front, this seductive blindfold can be affixed firmly and safely to your willing Bride or Groom, plunging them into darkness so all their other sense can come alive…

Onc you have your new spouse safely and comfortably secured in the all-white ties, the options are many: tempt, thrill & tease, look-but-don’t-touch seductive stripping or grinding away on them… The only limit is your imagination!

Incidentally named the Love Bullet, this stylish vibe is strong and quiet. 8 different throbbing & escalating vibrating patterns is enough to keep you busy all night long. Perfect for honeymoon and beyond!

In order to ensure the newlyweds gets the most out of their wedding night, a small bottle of Lush Lube 25ml is included for enhanced sensations.

Last but not least, a cute feather pom for soft sensation play. This works fantastically well when used alongside blindfold and ties; softly stroke along the stomach, inside of thighs…

Competition Bridal Gift Box


Terms & Conditions
No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The winner of the Competition will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.




VQ blog

VQ: A Women’s Health, Sex & Pleasure Shop

As part of International Women’s Day celebrations this month, we are thrilled to be part of VQ, a one-day pop-up sex & health shop taking place in Birmingham on Thursday 22nd March.

Vagina Quotient, or ‘The VQ,’ will bring together some of the country’s best female-led independent sexual health businesses and organisations to Birmingham’s city centre, providing a fun, safe and sex-positive space for women of all ages and backgrounds, to learn and talk about their sexual health and wellbeing needs.

A UK first, academics at Birmingham City University are opening a pop-up sex and health shop as part of IWD. The project is co-led by Dr Annalise Weckesser, a medical anthropologist whose research explores issues of gender and health, and Dr Keeley Abbott, a critical social psychologist who specialises in sexuality, gender and sex education.

Many products available at the VQ are only available online; the pop-up shop offers visitors an exclusive chance to see these products in-person and to learn more about them from the experts:

  • Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, the UK’s longest running, multi-award winning female-focused sex boutique from London will be around to talk sex and sex toys, and we’ll round off the day with one of our popular erotic classes.
  • OMGYES – trial  (or even purchase!) this research-based app (championed by actress Emma Watson) that teaches different techniques women use to find pleasure.
  • Precious Stars – check out these eco-friendly reusable sanitary products – a social enterprise started by Bryony Farmer who runs a popular YouTube channel on menstrual health for young people.
  • A unique opportunity to take part in an original art piece with Kaye Winwood Projects:  make a cast of your hands in the positions you use to masturbate. Anonymised casts will be used to make a display representing the diversity of women’s pleasure techniques (we love this!).

Come to a Sex Class!

For one night only, Team Sh! will spread their message of sexual empowerment and pleasure to the women of Brum!

Enjoy a guided tour of pleasurable peaks and orgasmic delights. Learn how to locate and stimulate the G-spot, and how to tell the time on your clit-clock. Learn about anatomy, hot spots and female ejaculation.

We’ll finish with Q&A session so you can ask any questions you have about increasing your orgasmic ratio.

Full of practical advice and sexpert tips, this class is playful whilst still providing insight and information. You’ll leave feeling inspired and empowered, ready to take charge of your next orgasm.

Book your ticket to our one-night-only sex class in Birmingham here. 

Pouring Bubbly


Win Prizes!

A raffle will also be taking place on the day which includes prizes such as limited edition Eros candles, gift vouchers, Spa vouchers and a voucher for two macaroons and a glass prosecco for two people at Miss Macaroon’s patisserie in Great Western Arcade.

Miss Macaroon


Donate Sanitary Products!

Donations of sanitary products will be collected on the day for The Bloody Good Period and Homeless Period.

Bloody Good Period

Here’s What the Organisers Have To Say

Dr Annalise Weckesser, Senior Research Fellow at Birmingham City University, said:

“We have communication taboos around menstruation, sex and menopause in Britain. Time and again, research shows that this silence and stigma leads to negative consequences and health risks for girls and women.”

“With this initiative, our hope is to create a space for open conversation where we can help begin to break down these taboos.”

Visitors to ‘VQ: A women’s health, sex and pleasure shop’ can speak with sexual health and women’s health experts while they discover and purchase unique sex and health products.  Such products include the latest sex apps and toys, alternative sanitary products (period pants, mooncups and more) and aids for menopause.

Dr Keeley Abbott, Lecturer, Birmingham City University, added:

“We rarely talk about the sex and relationship education needs of adults.”

“We need to start discussing the needs of women, and in a way that acknowledges desire and pleasure. We want to hear about women’s sexual, menstrual and reproductive health needs.”

James Roberts, centre manager at Great Western Arcade, said: “We are always eager to partner with unique events and refreshing projects, and this is no exception. VQ is a fantastic initiative and serves as a great way to push the boundaries surrounding women’s sexual needs. We are really looking forward to welcoming VQ and its visitors to the arcade.”


Battery Blog Post

Good News, Your Sex Toy Isn’t Faulty – It Just Needs New Batteries

The most common reason for customers to bring back sex toys is that they believe their toy to be faulty. Whilst vibrators occasionally break or malfunction, most of the toys we get returned or sent back to us aren’t faulty at all – they just need fresh batteries or a slightly longer press of the ON button to switch it on.

Whilst we are always happy to see returning customers, our short guide on vibrator care could save you a trip across London, so read on.

Here’s a list of the most common issues with non-working vibrator:

  • The battery has run out of power
  • The battery has been put in the wrong way
  • The charger hasn’t been left on for long enough
  • The on/off switch hasn’t been pressed for long enough
  • The travel lock has been activated
  • There is small paper disc under the lid

Below are some very easy checks you can do at home.

No Battery Power

Some sex toys absolutely eat battery power, especially if it is the all-singing, all-dancing version with super-strong vibrations. A rabbit vibe, for example, uses up more power than a gentle, single speed clit vibe.

The Sh! Waterproof Rabbit needs 3 x AAA batteries (two at the top of the battery compartment and one battery underneath), preferably Duracell or another similar, strong brand.

Waterproof Rabbit battery

The beads need the power to spin around, the bunny ears need the power to flicker & tease, and the vibration needs the power to deliver pleasing thrills & throbs, and  £1-batteries from Poundland aren’t going to cut it. These types of batteries are great for the TV remote as it doesn’t require much power to do its job, but for a rabbit, you’ll need stronger batteries.

Also, leaving the batteries in when you store your toy will allow greedy rabbits to suck up more battery juice, so we recommend taking the batteries out when playtime is over.

The Batteries Are Upside Down

Easy Egg Battery CompartmentThis is a common mistake and one that is very easy to make.

Here’s a handy tip: the flat side of the battery (minus) usually needs to sit right against the spring inside the battery compartment. This may mean that a toy that takes two or more batteries face the same direction, or opposite direction, depending upon the design. The toy will often have a small plus or minus to help you put the batteries in the right way.

Mixing old and new batteries isn’t a good idea, your toy will work better with fresh batteries.

Recharging a Sex Toy Takes A While

We understand that you are keen to get down to business with your new vibrator, cock ring or plug, but a rechargeable toy needs time to get juiced up.

Some toys take 2 hours, some take 4 hours, and some take 8 hours for a full charge. The instructions should give you more information on this.

FF Magnetic ChargerIt is very important that the charger is fully connected to the toy and the power source. If either of these isn’t plugged in properly, your toy won’t get the power it needs to do its thang. And, if you are using a pc or laptop to charge your vibe, the source needs to be switched on (not in standby mode).

Magnetic chargers must be firmly attached to the vibe, pin charges must be fully inserted and toys with a charger base must be placed on it.

Check on the toy during charging – it is possibe for a magnetic charger to get knocked off if the toy falls over on its side, for example.

Beam Me Up Scotty – Turning a Sex Toy On

Modern toys will require more than a quick flick to switch it on; you may need to hold down the ON button for 3 seconds, or even 5 seconds in some cases. This feature is to stop the vibrator being switch on by accident whilst being stored (another great reason for taking the batteries out).

Repeatedly clicking the button won’t switch the toy on – it will only get you worked up for all the wrong reasons.

If the toy has more than one button, we recommend taking some time to read the instructions before getting hot & heavy with it – we promise it will save a lot of frustration later on!

The Sh! Easy Egg and Sh! Mini Pink both require a firm 3-second press to turn on.

What To Do If Your Sex Toy Is Locked

Cordless Wand PinMany sex toys come with a built-in travel lock, which is excellent for storing and travelling.

If you’ve spent some time pressing all the buttons to get the vibe to work, it could happen that you’ve managed to activate the travel lock by accident. If this happens, all you need to do is unlock it and voila – ready to play!

The Sh! Cordless Wand (picture) has a small plastic pin that works as a travel lock. You won’t be able to turn on the Wand when the pin is in place. Removing the pin lets you play or recharge the Wand. Pop the pin back in for safe storage or travelling.

You should find instructions for locking and unlocking your vibrator on the packaging or inside the box.

What’s With The Paper Disc?

Twister paper DiscIf your toy came with the batteries already inserted, there is a good chance it has a small paper disc between the batteries and the connector on the lid. This is to ensure your toy doesn’t start vibrating unexpectedly, and it also saves the battery power for when you want to be buzzed up to orgasmic heaven.

Remove the paper disc, screw the lid back on and your vibe should be good to go.

Different Size Batteries

Not only do different brand batteries offer different strengths of power, different size batteries also hold different amounts of power.

A teeny-tiny battery holds about 25 minutes of power, a teeny battery holds about 1 hour of power and so on. It is difficult to say how long your batteries should last with vibrators that offer increasing intensity and settings – running a vibe on high intensity for a longer period of time will use up more battery power.

If you love long pleasure sessions, it’s well worth investing in a rechargeable sex toy.

I Have Tried All of The Above

If your vibrating toy still isn’t working or isn’t working in the way it should, come see us and we’ll take a look. Please bring with you proof of purchase and all packaging. If we find the vibrator has a mechanical fault, we’ll be very happy to exchange it for you. 🙂


Rude Veg

Penis vs Dildo: Can You Smell Them Apart?

An intrepid journo recently sent us a few questions about similarities between penises and dildos, and the likelihood of a person being about to tell the two apart.

We’re not all into penises (maybe we’re all into dildos but for the purposes of comparison, we needed someone who regularly handles the male pleasure package), so we asked our penile expert; a woman with several years active service in the field under her belt.

Here’s what she had to say:

Smell The Difference

A  penis does have a faint odor of Eau De Dick about it, just like a vagina has a distinctive scent. It’s a mix of musk and sweat, which is rather pleasant for a genuine cock-connoisseur.

Washing handsA freshly-washed peen will smell strongly of soap with a hint of male in the fleshy folds.

A clean silicone dildo is odourless, but a used one will smell of the lube used (raspberry can be rather refreshing) and also of lush lady-box (if that’s the orifice in which it was used).

A used dildo that’s been thrown under the bed after use will probably smell unpleasant – I’m not quite sure and I’d rather not find out.

A jelly dildo will have a noxious, toxic smell, especially if it’s brand new and straight out of the packaging. It will also feel rather “sweaty” to the touch and the pungent smell is offensive to most people.

A used jelly-dil  hasn’t graced my bedroom in the last 10 years so I can’t comment on the smell of that.

In conclusion: a person with some experience of peens should be able to smell the difference.


Modern ‘realistic’ dildos are made from dense silicone with details like vein and head colour,  added by hand. The shaft may, from a distance and if you are squinting, be mistaken for the ‘real thing’ if it is poking out from the zip of someone’s jeans.

realistic vibrator

However, if you were to take a closer look at a realistic-looking dong, you’ll notice the following:

  1. The balls are not floppy and lack pubic hair/stubble
  2. It’s not attached to a living, breathing person (a particularly good hint)

A living, breathing dick has blood pumping through it and will twitch and bob around (a clever dick can do this on command).

A  penis can and will lose its erection every now and then. That’s just how they work and you shouldn’t be offended by this. A dildo has a constant hard-on which, in my opinion, can be very useful.

A penis leaves ‘evidence’ before, during and after sex, supposing a condom is not used.

PackersNote: a flaccid packing-dildo (often used by Trans Men) poking out of a pair of briefs can be harder to spot – up close, you might notice it is covered in corn flour to avoid stickiness though.

Packing dildos are not for having sex with, they are far too floppy for that. The purpose of a packer is to create a nice bulge in the groin area.

In conclusion: a person familiar with penises and/or dildos should be able to tell the two apart (especially if found in a box under the bed).

Heating System

A real-life dick has a built-in radiator (blood flow) and a dildo does not.

A dildo can be warmed up, for sure, but it lacks blood flow and therefore feels “dead” in your hand. It doesn’t react to handling like a peen does. Its glans does not grow just before popping its cork and whilst there are squirting dildos, most do not offer this action.

In conclusion: a dildo can be warmed up but not from the inside like  a penis.

To the untrained eye, it may be tricky to tell them apart from a distance but as a general rule, dildos do not look, smell or behave like homegrown peens.

And if it’s shoved at the back of the wardrobe, it’s definitely a dildo!

O-Wand Blog Picture

O-Wand for O-rgasms

Every so often a toy comes along that has the entire sex toy community talking – we’d read & heard lots of exciting things about O-Wand. We knew that O-Wand won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award earlier this year, and we’d heard sex bloggers rave about the amazing power and banging orgasms it offers.

It was clear we needed to take a closer look at this magic wand.

The kind peeps at O-Wand sent one over to Sh! HQ, and we assembled around Ops Manager Aphra as she opened the box  The box, by the way, was way bigger than we’d imagined…


The first thing that struck us was the sheer size of it! This is a serious piece of orgasm kit – measuring a whopping 13.25 inches in length and weighing in at 688g. (For comparison, this best-selling vibe measures 6 inches and weighs 70g.)

It boasts 11 settings and is fully waterproof (as long as you remove the charging cord).

O-Wand is made from platinum-grade silicone, making it body-safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Free Cap For Extra Pleasure

O-BurstThe head of the O-Wand is as smooth as a baby’s bottom – it’s made of silicone, after all – but for those who like to switch it up with a li’l bit of texture, each box includes a free attachment covered in soft bobbles, O-Burst.

Pop O-Burst on to the O-Wand, add a drizzle of your favourite water-based lube to the nodules and let the wand work its magic all over your body.

We’ve heard that the O-Burst cap is particularly good for working into aching muscles, but we have yet to try out that for ourselves.

Ease of Use

To make wielding easier, O-Wand features an ergonomically curved handle. This does make it easier to hold, for sure, but due to its heftiness we imagine it could be difficult to maneuver for someone who lacks strength in their wrists. If this is you, you could try straddling it instead.

O-Wand offers 12,000RPM at its highest setting so even if it is not directly on or by your clit, you’ll still feel the vibrations in all places that matter. This makes it an excellent choice for women who find it difficult to orgasm, as the extra power is likely to push you over into climax. Just saying.

Internal Pleasure with O-Wand

The designers have thought of everything with this massager; not only do you get an additional cap for extra stimulation with your initial purchase, but you can buy extra tops depending on what kind of stimulation you fancy.

  • O-Spot

You can easily turn O-Wand body massager into a vibe for internal pleasure. Purchased separately, the O-Spot delivers targeted pleasure to G-spot & P-spots. Shaped like a large-sized finger, it curves over and stimulates your sweet spot with deep vibrations.

  • O-La-La

You’ll be forgiven for asking of O-La-La is an exotic relative of the Teletubbies, but this sleek cup delivers much more than tubby-toast. The spherical form sensually surrounds the clitoral area, concentrating intense vibrations against the 8000 nerve-endings nestling there… Tubby-toast indeed!

  • O-Gasm

An attachment for penis-owners, O-Gasm turns O-Wand into a masturbator. Molding itself around the shaft, O-Gasm helps the user create the perfect pressure whilst the silky ribbing teases & pleases… Of course, adding a drizzle of water-based lube will only enhance the experience (this goes for the above-mentioned tops too).

O-Wand attachments

Thanks to their universal size, the attachments work on a number of wands including the Sh! Magic Wand.

Take O-Wand Travelling

Again, the designers of O-Wand has thought about everything – including what you might need if you want to take your buzzin’ bud on holibobs.

O-Wand comes with a plug-in multi-pin recharging adaptor, making it easy for you to take your wand on travels. Your chosen pin clicks securely into its place on the plug, and can then be plugged into a suitable wall socket.

All we have to do now is try it out for ourselves…




tea-party-final (1)

Sex In Your 50’s & 60’s

‘Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength’    Betty Friedan

Thinking of parents having sex can feel disturbing, and something most of us avoid like the plague. We know we should be adult enough about these things, but when your mum’s new boyfriend asks – across the dining table, no less – if you sell Viagra, you’ll be excused for having suddenly gone off your Sunday dinner. Some things are just too close for comfort.

Having had some time (years) to get over said incident, and having spent even more time (years) thinking about it, we have come to a conclusion: sex is important to all of us, regardless of age. Even if it does involve your mum.

Finding yourself single in your 50’s or 60’s after decades as a firm twosome can be disorienting and scary.

Sex may or may not be the first thing a newly-single woman thinks about, but eventually the mind is likely to go there: What if? When? How? Could I even..?

As confidence grows, you might start thinking about dating again, and all of a sudden you realise that the options on what in the past may have been a very limited menu, are now all yours to pick & choose from – a virtual buffet of pleasure! Embracing your new-found status as a sassy singleton goes from being terrifying to right down exhilarating.

Blue rinses used to be a sign of having reached a certain age, of being ‘past it’, but these days it shows you’ve still got it: women of all ages are getting blue, pink or purple highlights, with many more choosing to rock their natural silver strands – which looks awesome, by the way!

Getting a cut & colour (upstairs & downstairs), taking up a new hobby and joining one of the many dating apps for the over 50’s are all things that can help a single woman feel more in charge of her budding love life. Because it is budding, a late awakening of sorts – it is new, fresh and exciting: doing all the things you’ve read about and finally have the confidence to not only ask for, but also try out.

We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to many of these feisty women during their visits to our shop in Hoxton, and we’re always thrilled. These women are having fun, and they are on the look-out for lovers or life partners who are equally keen on exploring sexual possibilities. They have spent far too long going without or making-do with someone else’s pleasure; they are ready to rumble around in the sheets with gusto.

Love FingersWe know one such lovely couple. They are both retired, and have plenty of time for their two hobbies: travelling and sex. They stop by from time to time, looking for new vibrating gizmos or sexy outfits to keep the fires burning. The husband buzzes around her like a hormonal teenager, and he is more than happy to buy anything and everything that piques her interest – he has a vested interest, after all. It is clear that sex is important to them and it is heart-warming to see how happy and in love they are.

Sex, in your mature years, is not only excellent for getting the blood pumping and putting a youthful spring in your step, but it has a number of other benefits too:

  • Sex reduces stress
  • Enhances your mood
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Relieves depression
  • Revs up creative energy
  • Makes skin glow
  • Feels good!

There is one thing in particular the silver generation like to ask us about: orgasms.

They may have spent the better part of 2-3 decades tending to family, cooking, cleaning and perhaps even performing ‘wifely duties’ after dark with little to no expectation for pleasure of their own.

Often they feel they have a lot of catching up to do…

The first stop should always be the lube shelf. For most women, age & menopause causes the vaginal membranes to become thinner and drier which often makes for uncomfortable play. You may have heard that ‘women don’t need lube, they should be wet enough‘ but that’s an outdated belief that needs to be unsubscribed to sharpish.

Lube Shelf

A bottle of viscous lube should be a staple, and as a modern woman in charge of her own pleasure, you should have a bottle handy for all sexual adventures. Plus, lube often double as excellent hand creams.

We often get asked if it isn’t ’embarrassing’ to bring out a bottle of lube and the answer is always, in one word: no. It really isn’t. It shows you are prepared for pleasure & play, and to be honest; you don’t want sex to get chafey… That really isn’t fun or pleasurable. We say: wield your bottle of lube with pride!

Je Joue Ami

Love Balls are essential – childbirth and ageing takes a natural toll whether we like it or not. Keeping vaginal muscles in good shape is important: it helps avoid leaky issues, and it’ll encourage stronger orgasms too.

Pop a pair of love balls in as you go about your day and you’ll find it’s a way of training that requires very little input, but still delivers maximum output. The balls will rock & roll against your G-spot as you move about, which can be very arousing…

Je Joue Ami, a set of three weighted pelvic floor exercisers encased in sensual silicone, is a fantastic kit. The idea is to progressively tone up the pelvic floor by using increasingly heavier weights. Over time, you’ll develop better control which means you’ll feel more during penetrative sex. It’s a win-win!

As the body ages, arousal can take a little longer, but with the help of a pleasure gel or oil  you’ll find that your vulva may still be exceptionally responsive. These products enhance blood flow to the lady garden, making labia lips and clitoris swell with pleasure.

Add a little bit of the enhancing gel or oil directly to your finger, and then massage it into the tissue around the clitoris. You’ll feel a warm, tingling sensation – this is the product working its magic.

Age can change how sexual pleasure feels, and clitoral sensitivity may increase or decrease.

If it’s the latter, a small but intense vibrator buzzing away on and around the clit can be a game changer. The Sh! Secret vibe offers 20 different settings and packs a real pleasure punch.

Sh! Easy Egg Vibrator (£19) Strong and quiet, with stimulating soft sleeve, 3 speeds + pulse settings.

If the high pitched buzz of Sh! Secret isn’t for you, we recommend giving Sh! Easy Egg a chance. A lower, rumblier vibration can help tip you over the edge faster than you can steep a cup of tea… It takes 2 x AAA batteries – handy – and the soft cover with its raised nodules offer extra texture to rub against.

Sh! Easy Egg has a cord between the vibrating egg and the control. This is works especially well for couples’ play – your partner can hold the control whilst you enjoy the egg, so you are still playing together.

The We Vibe Tango is also a hit with our more mature customers. It’s a stylish lipstick-style vibe with 8 modes and USB charger. It’s really easy to hold and place against various hot spots. If discreet design is important, We Vibe Tango looks just like a designer lippy.  And – one more thing, Tango is 100% waterproof for play in the bath or shower.

Fun Factory Semilino is a cute, smaller-sized vibe with a number of different setting to enjoy. Lube up the ridges on the shaft before inserting, and then practice doing your pelvic floor squeezes around the vibe. We promise a work out has never been so much fun!

Self-lubricating internal vibe Cascade with its soft, rippled tip is perfect for stimulating the G-spot. A press of a button releases just the right amount of lube for comfortable play. We often hear women say their G-spot became more sensitive and more receptive to stimulation as they got older. Jiggle Cascade in firm come-hither motions on your G-spot and you might just find that a super-strong orgasm is happy to make its way over to you…

For women who want it all – and who doesn’t! – Demona Wave Vibrator is a great choice. Ergonomically designed, the curved shaft presses against the G-spot and slowly strokes it when the extraordinary wave motion is activated. Meanwhile, the soft clitoral stimulator deliver vibration to the clit and you may find yourself enjoying what’s known as a blended orgasm.


Last but not least, we also want to draw your attention to Wand vibrators. These have been popular toys since the 70’s when Godmother of Masturbation, Betty Dodson started the first version of her famous BodySex workshops – teaching women how to masturbate to orgasm. In a group! (We are maybe a little bit too British for that, but our classes on female arousal & orgasms are pretty darn good too.) Now in her 80’s, Betty is still going strong – a true inspiration!

But back to the Wands – high intensity with a deep rumble, it is very hard to not have on orgasms with one of these. If your libido is very low, a Wand buzzing away on the clitoris can help kickstart arousal and pleasure again.

We love to hear from our mature customers, so feel free to leave us a message below – tips, tricks, advice, we’re looking forward to all of it. Or, if you have a question for us, please email and we’ll be able to offer tailored advice. 🙂









Sex Shop Diaries: Eggciting Times

Sex Shop Diaries: Eggciting Times

“I tried one of them rabbit vibrators once, but I didn’t like it…it got tangled in my pubes.”

Rabbit vibrators, and all versions thereof, may be the most popular sex toys in the entire world, but that doesn’t mean they work for everyone. The comment above just goes to show that one rabbit in the bush isn’t always better than two in the hand… Rabbit vibrators aren’t usually classified as Health & Safety Risks, but we suppose that depends on how it is used. :p

Rabbit Ear Vibrator - Used purely for clitoral stimulation, where it thrills the sides of the clitoris..

And talking about rabbits, this super-cute, ergonomically-shaped bunny vibe with 10 settings is a perfect Easter treat and has been very popular with customers in the shop this week. It’s designed for external use only, and if you work it out per orgasm, you’ll find the value is *much* better than any money spent on a chocolate egg…

I tried that Tenga Egg. I didn’t like it.” The male customer looks at our surprised faces – this is unexpected: a man who doesn’t enjoy a session with a Tenga Egg? Really?!  We’re keen to find out more and ask him what it was that didn’t work – not being penis-owners ourselves, we have always imagined that Tenga Eggs are literally the best sex toys for men ever. “It chafed my penis,” he replies.

It takes a few horrified seconds before the penny drops and we ask if he used the lube that is handily packed inside every Tenga Egg. “No, I didn’t use the lube,” he replies and wanders off before we have a chance to ask more questions. Suddenly the chafing makes a lot of sense – he’s rubbed himself raw by not using the all-important lubricant… Ouch! Always add a generous drizzle of lube, people!


We are very excited about the Easter Egg Hunts we have planned for Good Friday and Easter Saturday – we’ve been hatching clues for teams to hunt Tenga Eggs in our shop in Hoxton. We’ll keep the competing teams plenty lubricated with glasses of fizz as they hunt high & low, and the winning team will walk away with a hamper of sex toys to keep them occupied for the rest of the Easter holidays.

Fun Fact: it is a rare day when no one buys sex toys, but Easter Sunday is the annual day of no sex. No one (we repeat: no one) buys sex toys on Easter Sunday. It is the one day of year when family commitments & religion wins over the pleasures of the flesh.

But then it’s Bank Holiday Monday and all is well again.

Bank Holidays do seem to heighten arousal, and strap-ons and kink paraphernalia practically fly off the shelves. We find that couples are keen to try new things on Bank Holidays (or as we like to call them, “Bonk Holidays”) and many customers reach for the butt plugs, for example. Whatever you get up to over the weekend, we hope you have an eggciting time!

We’ll leave you with this gem from a rather thirsty new member of staff:

Newbie: “Ooh, they look nice! What are they? Are they energy drinks??”

Manager: “No, they are masturbation cups for men…”

Tenga Soft Tube Cup £14