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5 Sexy Costumes for a Hot Halloween

Dressing up and role playing are great ways of ensuring the bed sheets stay sweaty and rumpled long after new-relationship-energy (NRE) has worn off and with this in mind, we have complied a list of our Top 5 costumes for a hot Halloween celebration. Create your own trick or treat scene with one of these … Continue reading 5 Sexy Costumes for a Hot Halloween

Join Our Sensual Masterclass

Team Sh! will be joining Temptation Holidays for a sensual wellbeing extravaganza at the iconic and prestigious Barbican venue in London on Thursday 30th November 2017. During the evening, we’ll be sharing  expertise and knowledge on female anatomy, pleasure products, role play, tricks & tips, and advice to enhance relationships. The event is divided into six … Continue reading Join Our Sensual Masterclass

Top 10 Tips for National Orgasm Day

National Orgasm Day, celebrated on 31st July, is something we should all be shouting Oh-Oh-Oooh about! Around 75% of all women (3 in 4) need sustained clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, so pleasing the clitoris should be the focus on this pleasure-filled day. In order to boost orgasm potential, we’re sharing our Top 10 … Continue reading Top 10 Tips for National Orgasm Day

Wow Yourself For V-Day

Valentine’s Day can feel gruesome and daunting if you aren’t coupled up for this luvvy time of year: shops are filled with teddy bears, flower arrangements and cards so sweet your teeth hurt just looking at them. There are plenty of things you can do with equally single friends on V-Day, like going for drinks and watch … Continue reading Wow Yourself For V-Day

How to Squirt; Separating the Myths from Reality.

During the process of writing this post we have researched as much as possible about the topic to give a constructive and informed opinion. What we have found is that the little scientific research that has been conducted on female ejaculation is highly contradictory and really inconclusive. Scientists keep arguing, speculating or drawing conclusions based … Continue reading How to Squirt; Separating the Myths from Reality.

10 Sex Commandments for 2017

Thou Shalt Have More Orgasms Make 2017 the Year of Your Vagina – celebrate its moist existence and let it out to play regularly. Stay in and feast by yourself or invite others to the party – as long as those climaxes keep coming, you’ll be able to face the grayest of Monday mornings. Smash … Continue reading 10 Sex Commandments for 2017

Q&A: I don’t know how to talk to my partner about sex.

Hey, I don’t know if this a weird problem but I also don’t really know who else to ask. I feel really self conscious about asking for what I want during sex. My partner encourages me to tell him what feels good or if something hurts and I want to tell him. I just feel … Continue reading Q&A: I don’t know how to talk to my partner about sex.

What are the rules of sexting?

We have a brand new class all about safe sexting coming up, so we’ve been wondering – what are the rules of sexting? We’ve asked around for your thoughts but if you’ve got something to add please let us know in the comments. 1. Sudden sexts are not ok. This is probably the most common … Continue reading What are the rules of sexting?

Brook, Teenage Boys & Sex

“You’ll see me, I have an orange plastic bag on my head” The lovely Tahnee of Brook had us in fits of giggles even before the working day had started. The rain was pouring down and it was quiet. Those of you familiar with Sh! will know that teenage boys aren’t exactly our target market. … Continue reading Brook, Teenage Boys & Sex