Every month we’re asked 100’s of sex questions in store, on the phone and by email. We answer each personally, but we thought you’d like to know too, so we share our answers here ( anonymously of course!)

Valentine’s Day Vaginas

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, but maybe you can’t be bothered with chocolate, roses and Champagne. Single doesn’t always mean ready to mingle, and not all couples are into the lovey-dovey stuff… So what do you do on Valentine’s Day? Here’s an idea: celebrate vaginas! According to a recent survey by The Eve Appeal, … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Vaginas

Non-Monogamy for Beginners

Thinking about opening up your relationship? Or are you perhaps the new amour coupling up with someone who already has a primary partner? Negotiating open relationships can be a minefield and it is not unlikely that you’ll set off a firework or two before you get it right. Join us for an elightening introduction to polyamory & … Continue reading Non-Monogamy for Beginners

An Evening with Curator of Sex, Sarah Forbes

Join us for an amusing, revealing and insightful evening with Curator of Sex, Sarah Forbes, and a peek into her book Sex in the Museum: My Unlikely Career at New York’s Most Provocative Museum. Ever wanted to know what it would be like to work in a Museum of Sex? Come meet Sarah Forbes, aka “the Curator … Continue reading An Evening with Curator of Sex, Sarah Forbes

Q&A: Is Coconut Oil Good For Sex?

My partner and I have been together for 4 years and have been enjoying a busy sexual life until last night, when I couldn’t penetrate her when we moved through to the bedroom. Before that she was fine, well lubed and happy, but when she was on the bed she said it felt like I … Continue reading Q&A: Is Coconut Oil Good For Sex?

How to Squirt; Separating the Myths from Reality.

During the process of writing this post we have researched as much as possible about the topic to give a constructive and informed opinion. What we have found is that the little scientific research that has been conducted on female ejaculation is highly contradictory and really inconclusive. Scientists keep arguing, speculating or drawing conclusions based … Continue reading How to Squirt; Separating the Myths from Reality.

Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling with Your Sex toy

So, you’re all ready. Since you got the tickets you’ve been fantasizing about that sexy, all-round fun and frisky love-making you’re going to have. Only one problem: You are afraid your sex toy might prove to be the no. 1 cause of “oh dears” and “my, my” faces at security checks (even though it makes … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling with Your Sex toy

Q&A: The Truth About Hymens & Sex

Hi Sh! Team! I’m from Indonesia. I am very interested in women empowerment, especially in sexual empowerment. I’d been brainwashed by my family’s custom and religion; leaving me sexually devastated cause I haven’t found a husband to channel everything yet. I actually had a boyfriend (whom I broke up with last August) that was interested … Continue reading Q&A: The Truth About Hymens & Sex