Sex and sextoy advice, drawn from 20+ years advising women & couples. We understand that your sexuality is individual and unique, so whether you visit us in store, contact us online or by phone or simply browse our online guides, we’ll give honest, upfront advice that’s personal and expertly tailored with one aim; to help you discover your own true sexual self.

Sexy Board Games

We have just taken delivery of exciting, new products and amongst the sex toys were a trio of fun board games with an erotic twist. Sexual Discovery Game Go on a journey of sexual discovery where sensual pleasure is the ultimate destination. Follow the instructions on the cards (“nibble”, “handcuff” or “tease” to name a few) and gradually build arousal and … Continue reading Sexy Board Games

Does the G-Spot Really Exist?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the G-Spot, so we decided to take an expert look at a few of the most frequently asked questions. I heard the G-Spot doesn’t exist. Back in January 2012, the media declared that the G-Spot doesn’t exist, based on a study done by scientists at King’s College in London. The study in … Continue reading Does the G-Spot Really Exist?

Strap On Dildos Made Easy

We don’t rate standard sex-industry strap-on dildos, the kind where the dildo is permanently fixed to a harness. We’ve tried elastic strap-ons and suffered dildo twang-back on par with a playground bra-strap snap, only on more sensitive bits. We’ve laughed at monster orange dongs waving around in front of us darth vader-style. We’ve spent time working with an old toothbrush, attempting  to … Continue reading Strap On Dildos Made Easy

Strap On Sex for Straights

Strap Ons are no longer purely Lesbian Sex Toys. Straight couples are now getting in on the strap-on action. Advice From Scarlet Magazine Article Jan 2005 Strap-on sex for straights – are two cocks better than one? Strap-on dildos are no longer solely the domain of lesbians: a fifth of all strap-ons are now sold to straight couples and … Continue reading Strap On Sex for Straights

The Best Strap Ons in the Biz!

A strap on is a the ultimate lesbian sex toy and in recent years has become an increasingly popular toy for straight couples wishing to explore the delights of pegging. But back when we started, if a woman wanted to strap-on a dildo to pleasure her female or male lover, she had only two choices; either a ridiculous elasticated affair … Continue reading The Best Strap Ons in the Biz!

5 Tips for Having an Orgasm

If you find reaching orgasm with your partner, or even during solo sex, is a bit hit and miss, don’t despair – you are not alone. Women’s sexuality is incredibly complex, driven by what’s going on in our heads as much as what’s happening in our pants. The bad news is that unfortunately pressing all the right buttons may do absolutely … Continue reading 5 Tips for Having an Orgasm

Your Stomach is an Erogenous zone

Many people are unawares of the sexiness of the stomach. When massaged and stroked slowly and deeply, the stomach can offer wonderful pleasure. Here’s how to release the powerful energy that is stored within the erogenous zone of your or your partner’s stomach. A Woman’s Stomach is an Erogenous Zone Erogenous zones are areas of the human … Continue reading Your Stomach is an Erogenous zone

Lube: What you need to know if you’re baby-making…

We’re all getting very savvy in the boudoir and Team Sh! are very pleased about that. We’ve been battling against judgmental attitudes to women’s sexuality for years; sometimes really overt negativity but mostly subtle put-downs that make women feel bad. Take lube. It’s finally coming out of the closet as one of the best sexual accompaniments a woman … Continue reading Lube: What you need to know if you’re baby-making…

Pegging: The Erotic Discovery for Straight Couples

Pegging is mighty popular! Traditionally viewed as lesbian sex toys, nowadays over 40% of strap-on dildos that we manufacture at Sh! are bought by female/male couples. The turnaround came in the noughties when men finally lost their hang-ups and discovered the pleasures of the male G-Spot, aka he prostate gland. ‘Pegging’ as a term, was born from a sex advice … Continue reading Pegging: The Erotic Discovery for Straight Couples