We all have that one friend who is obsessed with star signs, horoscopes and possibly chakras too. This article is perfect for them. Or you, if you’re looking to buy them a birthday present or are simply trying to find out what they’re on about.

To start with the basics, we have a thing called the zodiac. This refers to the space encompassing the ecliptic and approximately nine degrees around it. The ecliptic is the looped “pathway” that the Earth makes when orbiting the sun and passing certain star-groups on its way. This journey is split into twelve equal segments of thirty degrees (because 12 x 30 is 360; almost the number of days in the year). These 12 sections correlate to what we know as the star signs. So, the date and time you were born are assigned a zodiac or star sign according to the position of the planets, the moon and the sun at the time of birth. The position of the sun at the time of birth supposedly determines one’s personality whereas the position of the moon governs one’s emotions or inner mood. So, now you know the actual logistics of why you’re so incredibly turned on by sexy Scorpios…

Gemstones have been thought to have a relationship with the zodiac signs since practically forever. The first recording of their seemingly solid relationship was back in the first century as Josephus wrote up the first Latin transcription of the Bible. Since then, the ancient Egyptians went wild for them, as did the Greeks and Romans. It was believed that if you wore the appropriate gemstone for your sign, you would receive good fortune. This theory wasn’t enough for some and so, if you were rich enough, you’d get a talisman with all twelve stones in.

In fact, our love for horoscopes and birthstones remains undying. Vice has recently released an app providing daily horoscopes. One of our team member’s mothers actually reads hers via the human translator of a psychic horse in her favourite weekly magazine. Meanwhile, we have just got a whole range of horoscope-specific gift sets in from the luxurious sex accessory brand; Bijoux Indiscrets. These gift sets include a birthstone, a vibrator, and a clitoral balm. Wow. Astro-holy cow. Personalisation at it’s finest.

The gemstone

So, star signs are determined by planetary behaviours, i.e. their movement and interaction with the sun and moon. Dependant on the stones’ believed properties and star sign traits, certain gemstones are assigned to the zodiac to bring good luck to the signs. For instance, if you’re a Gemini and you’re sauntering around with a Tiger’s Eye pendant on (like the one in this set); this can only be a good thing. This is because Tiger’s Eye has been assigned to the sign Gemini. Why? Geminis are meant to be flighty social butterflies with a split personality whilst Tiger’s Eye is believed to be deliberately grounding. It makes sense. It clears the mind somewhat of unrest and uneasiness. It is believed to make the wearer happier. In a funny kind of way, so do sex toys. They bring you orgasmic pleasure. They remind you that you are only human. They look after your mental and physical wellbeing. Why not combine these two powers into an unholy force and create a set that includes both your birthstone and a sex toy inside?! …wait a second…

The vibrator

Straight outta heaven, we give you the Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope finger vibrator. That may sound like a mouthful but we figure that the longer a title is, the more important it sounds. This vibe slips onto your finger like Cinderella’s life-changing glass slipper. With seven settings and irresistibly smooth silicone, this intense buzz will send shivers through its owner’s body at just the thought of it.

The clitoral balm

Last up, we have a clit stimulating balm, which funnily enough looks like any ordinary lip balm. This comes in four varieties depending on the element of your star sign. The four elements are as follows, fire, air, earth, and water. These elements are designated star signs in accordance with certain personality traits. The idea is that because these four elements make up the world, they’re all kind of dependent on each other – nice, hey?

Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Bijoux Indiscrets has assigned each element an appropriate scent, to make your clitoral balm that bit fancier. Fire is assigned spiced ginger, earth is vetiver, air is star anise and water is sandalwood. Apply it to your clit and feel the tingles start to rush.

Altogether now

Mercury may be in retrograde, but with this gorgeous little gift set in hand, your woes will be no more. It’s TLC for both your spirit and your clit. Priced at a modest £39.00, Bijoux Indiscrets is making magic happen for crystal-healing-lovers in more ways than one!


Win Prizes for National Orgasm Day

We love the month of July for many reasons; lazy days in the park, cocktails in the sunshine, and of course, long, light nights that are perfect for pleasure… Which neatly brings us to National Orgasm Day, an annual day that celebrates orgasms in any and many forms.

According to this article, sex toy designers Lelo offer their UK employees days off to enjoy finger shimmies as it boosts productivity, and surely there’s no better date to take a self-love day than on National Orgasm Day on 31st of July. Follow their lead, employers – allowing your employees to take the day off to polish their pearls will ensure a satisfied workforce in no time!

To help you celebrate in the best way we know how, we are giving away four bottles of Orgie Intense Orgasm Gel with Hemp, and one Ruby Glow Dusk ride-on vibrator!

We’ll pick one lucky entrant to win a bottle of orgasm gel each week and on National Orgasm Day itself, the person who has racked up most points in our competition will win themselves a Ruby Glow Dusk.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Win a Ruby Glow Dusk (£40)

So new you can’t even buy this babelicious ride-on vibe at point of writing, this is the upgraded version of the award-winning toy designed by erotica author Tabitha Rayne. Covered in silky smooth silicone, Ruby Glow Dusk features a clitoral mound, a pubic dip and a small bump for the vaginal opening. This toy is for the humpers & grinders out there; designed for non-penetration and hands-free use, it allows you to rock yourself to orgasm.

We have one Ruby Glow Dusk to give away and a lucky winner will be picked on National Orgasm Day, Wednesday the 31st of July.

Win one of four Orgie Intense Orgasm Hemp! Gels (£19 each)

Using their latest Brazilian technology, award-winning brand Orgie have developed an arousal gel infused with hemp seed oil. Just one small squirt onto labia lips and clitoris will deliver multiple lovely sensations such as tingling, heating, and cooling. By encouraging blood flow to the area this increases sensitivity, meaning that orgasms are about to get super-charged.

We have four bottles of this lovely stuff to give away, and one winner will be picked each week leading up to National Orgasm Day.

Terms & Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The competition ends on 31st of July 2019.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the drawing. The potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.

Relight that Fire

Relight that Fire

People of Sh!: the most wonderful time of the year is now upon us. Just in case you haven’t already heard us mention it; May is the month of masturbation.

In a period of #selfcare, now is the time to brandish those hashtags and jump fearlessly onboard. Many of you are already out there, in the field, rubbing one out time and time again in the name of sexual liberation.

But, what if you just don’t fancy getting down and dirty with your pleasure powerhouse? Is the only lubricant you’ve come close to recently the one that slid masturbation slowly down your priority list? What if you and your partner just aren’t in sync with each other sexually – but you feel guilty in pleasuring yourself without them?


Allowing yourself to explore your sexuality either alone or with a partner requires a positive mindset. It’s not a selfish or indulgent act: it’s a bare minimum that can be a really empowering, rewarding action. However, if you’re not “feeling” sex much at the minute and you’re not sure why, then evaluating your mood and stress levels is always a good starting point. Take the other person out of the equation and think about what’s going on with you. Is something causing you stress? Perhaps you can try little strategies here and there to fix at least the smallest of your concerns.

Masturbation should never be a chore – it’s a bloody delight. The language you use determines how you think and vice versa. If you find yourself speaking about your body or sex negatively then perhaps you can try and consciously implement more positive language when talking about such topics. Saying this, there is no need to force anything if it really doesn’t feel natural.

Be kind to yourself by allowing space and time for your attitudes or context to change.

Otherwise, buy yourself a ticket to that pilates class you’ve been putting off. Lather up in your favourite moisturiser. Get those kids to their friend Jenny’s for dinner and chill out in the bath with a nice glass of whatever you fancy. If you’re feeling REALLY outlandish, read up on your favourite fantasies via a sweet slice of erotica. Soon enough you’ll find yourself raring to go, so dust off that trusty vibe of yours and get back on your rocking horse.


On the other hand, you may be rolling an eye or two at this masturbation month malarkey thinking that there’s no reason to do that when you have a partner already. Relying on that one person for all sexual satisfaction is a lot of pressure, no? What would you do if they went on holiday?

Not only is masturbating a practical solution for staying in tune with your body and satisfying your own needs, but it can be really sexy to do with a partner and allow them the role of voyeur.

Face each other head-on as you individually touch yourselves together or in turn. You could even tie them up so that they are just out of reach of you (guaranteed they will be squirming in delight). Not only will this make you feel super sexy and confident but they are also essentially having a lesson in the sure fire way to get you off– which brings us to our next point.

Does your partner need a map around your hot spots but you’re not really sure which directions to give them? Masturbation is the perfect tour guide, enabling you to pass on your pearls of wisdom. Exploring your own body is a never-ending adventure in our eyes and letting someone else in on this journey is even more exciting.


This tactic is especially great if your partner needs a little guidance in the way of your sexual pleasure and words are not your forté. If this is you and, to quote Ronan Keating, “you say it best, when you say nothing at all”; give your partner a V.I.P view and show them how you like it.

If you would like to make them feel like they have a bit more power than this, why not invest in a remote controlled vibe? This way, everyone’s involved. We-Vibe is a luxury brand that specialise in couples toys. They are so invested in ensuring that no one is feeling left out of masturbation by launching their latest toys that include vibes controlled by the smartphone apps on Android and iOS systems. They run in the background of your phone whilst you’re living your best life on Facetime. It’s music to our ears.

From whichever way you look at it, May only happens once a year. It’s the perfect excuse to make some time for your inner sex spirit. Let them out and enjoy!

Can yoga really improve your shagging prowess?

Can yoga really improve your shagging prowess?

Yoga is a great way to tone your abs and increase agility. It’s also an ancient spiritual practice, similar to Buddhism, that has been developed and nurtured for over 5,000 years. Roughly translating as “union”, yoga encourages the merging of breath, mind and body. It revolves around the conscious decision of a person to “stay in the moment”. No doubt there are endless benefits of doing so, especially in the age of social media and mobile phones, but today we are concentrating on what yogic practises can do for your sex life.


Breathe into it

Our team at Sh! love LOVE talking about orgasms. It’s a conversation that is seemingly endless – with so many versions, experiences and preferences to explore. But, what unifies these all together into the actual experience of an orgasm is someone’s ability to fully let themself go. Without being able to do so, an orgasm just isn’t going to happen, love. Multiple factors can contribute to this – the room you’re in, the scent of it, if anyone else is in, if you’re stressed, if you’re tired, if you’re too hot, if you’re too cold…the list goes on.

You need to be able to find a way to unify your mind and body to stay in the present…sound familiar yet? One of the best ways to clear your mind and bring your focus inward is to start with your breath. Pranayama (or essentially breathing exercises) is a big thing in yoga and proves that the majority of people actually breathe inefficiently in their day-to-day lives (though this is a whole other kettle of fish).

To see the difference yourself, close and soften your eyes when laid down or in a comfortable seated position. Ensure your spine is elongated – so if you’re laid down lift your head bringing your chin towards your neck and lower the back of your head back to the floor. If sat, lift up from your sit bones and work those lovely back muscles, shoulders back and chin parallel to the floor. By doing this, you create a clear path for the breath to travel through your body. Now, keeping those eyes gently shut, begin to take note of your breath. Is it shallow? Short? Long? Through your nose or mouth?

When you’re ready, start to deepen your breath on a long inhale through your nose. On your exhale, open your mouth and let out a big sigh (this feels amazing, trust). Do this as many times as you would like before closing your mouth and breathing solely through your nose.


On your inhale, imagine your breath starting from your pelvic floor and filling up your stomach until it reaches your lower ribs, up to your chest, up to your neck- until you exhale and watch it leave your body from your neck, chest, ribs until it empties out your stomach. Ensure your inhales are as long as your exhales by counting or watching the breath move through the body. As you continue this, there are various methods you can take to focus this breath or energy you feel yourself building toward your orgasmic potentials.

One instance, is to start to bring your attention to your southerly hot spot. Feel the breath originate from there and build a heat. Imagine this heat (you could also envisage a light) rising up through your body as you inhale and releasing on your exhale. Continue to do this whilst focusing on various parts of your vulva/vagina/penis/whatever and you should feel your hand slowly wandering down…which brings us on to our next point.


A common belief is that yoga has eight different limbs. Three of these focuses around the act of meditation. It works by shutting off your senses to bring your concentration inside. Yoga and Aryuvedic medicine believe that your body is overflowing with chakras (aka energy centres). There are seven main ones within your body, which happen to be inline with your central nervous system. Your sacral chakra (Svadhistana) is located at your lower abdomen, is assigned the colour orange and governs your sexuality, creativity and self-esteem.


An unbalanced, blocked or “off” sacral chakra is traditionally believed to manifest as issues with sexual performance such as erectile dysfunction or bladder infections like UTI’s. There are many ways to unblock chakras such as crystal healing, conscious breathing or reiki. One (free) way to do so is via regular meditative practice – similar to the breathing exercise we have outlined above. Decide what time of the day is most convenient for you to practice meditation and do it everyday in the same spot. Just like an orgasm, the context of which you do this is so important. It needs to be regulated to train your mind to shut out all of the distractions. In yoga or aryuvedic practises, they call the interior versions of these your “monkey mind” – i.e. the voice in your head deciding what to have for dinner, whether you are going to walk or get the bus later or if you need to call your mum etc. By regularly practising meditation you learn to ignore this voice, to let these busy thoughts simply pass you by, which is super helpful for when you want to get down and dirty.

You can also stimulate and balance these energy points through various physical exercises, known in yoga as asana.

Lock and load

To achieve the correct posture in asana there are certain “locks” you imagine engaging on your body. We are focusing on the foundation of these, which just so happens to strengthen your pelvic floor. The root lock (mula bandha) involves a kind of “tighten and lift” motion that starts at your genitals and perineum and lifts up to reach your stomach. In other words, re-enact the sensation of holding a wee in. It’s a movement you can do at literally anytime, anywhere. You can do it in a meeting with your boss, at tea with your granny or sat on the bus. No one will know. Plus, a strong pelvic floor is key to unlocking the secret of a great orgasm. It grants you, better control of your earth-shattering orgasms, a stronger sensation and takes care of any pesky leakage. Cue you inner sexual goddess on the prowl.


To take this a step further, one posture in asana designed to specifically target your pelvic floor is known as bridge pose.

Bridge Yoga Pose

Start lying down on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor a hips-width apart and arms by your sides with palms on the floor (or pressing them together with fingers interlaced). Inhale and lift your pelvis into the air. Imagine there is a rope tied around it and someone is pulling it up in the air like a puppet. Imagine your calves are pulling back towards you whilst your thighs are pushing them further away. Meanwhile, try to hold the bend of your knees directly above your ankles (rather than leaning into each other, which believe me, they will try to). Hold for 5 long breaths and on your last exhale, lower your pelvis back down to the floor.

Bridge pose is also known as an inversion, meaning you’re raising your heart higher than your head. This reverses blood flow and aids circulation throughout your body whilst calming your nervous system. This particular posture is also a back bend, aka a heart opener. Through contracting your back muscles and opening your chest, you work to unblock you heart chakra theoretically opening you up to more receptivity of love and intimacy. Inversions and heart openers are paramount to a balanced practice, i.e. one that stimulates all the chakras in your body and forges a stronger connection between mind and body.

If you are new to yoga or you are experiencing some type of injury, go to your local beginner’s yoga class or speak to a certified teacher before attempting these postures to avoid injury.

Another type of asana posture directly linked to your sacral chakra are hip openers. It is believed that you store a lot of emotion and tenseness in your hips –so after the stimulation of this region of your body, you can be left feeling over-emotional. This is again why your practice must be balanced with the more positive-feeling heart openers and twists (though we will get to these).


Prasarita padattonasana is a great hip opener to practice. Stand on your mat in a wide stance with feet facing inwards (so they are parallel to the edges of your mat). Allow a slight bend in your knees or pull them up and straighten your legs. Place your hands on your hips, turn on your mula bandha and elongate the spine from the crown of your head. Inhale and straighten up, then exhale and bend forward from your hips (it’s a nice idea to place your thumbs at your hip crease to feel yourself hinge forward from here). Ensure your chest stays open as you bend forward by leading with your heart rather than your chin. Stay here for 5 long breaths and on your next inhale, return to a standing position.

This posture works like an inversion regarding the encouragement of bloodflow whilst stimulating your sacral chakra and your root chakra (found at your genitals – encourages the grounding/soothing of your mind). I.e. not only are you increasing your strength and flexibility for when you get jiggy, but you’re also prepping your mind to free itself of any outside worries to totally let go.

If you have any lower back issues or pain please do not bend forward in this position.


Twists are brilliant for strengthening your lower abdomen (oh hello sacral chakra). For a more relaxing, passive version, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. You can put cushions under your knees for extra support if you like or sit on one to elevate your hips at an equal height to your knees. As always, tighten your root lock/mula bandha and inhale to lengthen your spine and open up your breathing passages from the crown of your head. Upon your exhale, place the left hand on your right knee and circle your right arm out towards to right placing it on the floor. As you do this open your chest out to the right, twisting your spine and leading with your chest. This twist happens only from the lower ribs and upwards. I.e., your hips and everything below your lower ribs stay put. You are a Russian doll.

Keep your head in line with your top torso rather than reaching your eyes further around (this will cause your head to turn further and strain your neck). Close your eyes softly if you wish and stay for 5 long breaths. To exit the pose, inhale and twist back to the center. Then to decompress your spine (extremely important after more active twists), turn to your left and gently fold forward for a couple of breaths before returning to center. Repeat on the other side.

Some of the major benefits of twists are that they detoxify your system upon the release of your twist (when a rush of fresh blood floods your digestive organs after being cut off during the twist). They keep your spine mobile and calm the mind, which when practiced regularly with the poses we’ve previously mentioned, will have you in the best mental and physical position to start getting things saucy.

Please do not practice a twist like this if you have any slipped discs or lower back problems. Instead, speak to your local certified yoga to find an alternative.



My vagina is a penetration-free zone – here’s why…

Non-penetrative sex.

Yes, it exists. And it can be better than what you might think of as “normal” sex.

Your largest organ is your skin and that skin is packed with erogenous zones all over your body. From your armpit to your knee, arousal can be experienced through different types of stimulation, yet many of us grow up believing that getting busy centers around one action… We’re talking about penis in vagina sex, P-i-V.

The hetero-patriarchal society that typically grooms us has cultivated the belief that sex in its most basic sense involves penetration. Whether that be anal or vaginal, other forms of sexual activity are traditionally regarded as mere precursors to the grande finale. Like the Superhero blockbuster sequel you never asked for, this sequential narrative of a beginning, a middle and an end is anything but penetrating. We find it rather predictable.


It’s not newsworthy that the majority of women struggle to orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, and without a toy. But who says that you have to have penetrative sex to seal the deal? Often, clitoral simulation provides a sure-fire way to reaching orgasmic peaks. This being the case as long as your mood, the ambiance in the room you’re in, and your overall state of relaxation are all cooperating.

There are many other ways to enjoy yourself once you drop these ideas of sex as a screenplay. Sexual activity is a whole playground of sensation that you can start, end or continue with at any lubed-up point you desire. Placing end goals on sex can do way more harm than good. It can prove exasperating for individuals who experience Vaginisimus or orgasmic/erectile difficulties, for example.

We like to call sexual activity “play” for a reason, and namely, that’s because it doesn’t need a lesson plan. “Play” doesn’t require an erect penis or a moist vaginal canal for it to be erotic and more-ish. “Play” is pleasure-focused and it doesn’t end just because someone had an orgasm – in fact,  sex lasts much longer because typically, everyone involved enjoys as many orgasms as they can handle.

For uterus owners – your vagina may be the most powerful thing you own, but don’t overlook your vulva. Your vulva is important. It deserves unwavering attention in the form of Caring, Loving, Intimate Tenderness (C-L-I-T).

Now, let’s be real. There is no better way to worship your clit than with a suction toy. In a new era of sexual pleasure, these toys are designed to simulate a sucking sensation. Add in a splash of lube and it’ll feel like someone’s lips are tending to your luscious front-garden. Whether you prefer the ultra deluxe Womanizer variety or the more affordable Satisfyer range, suction toys have the critics raving in a matter of minutes.

Zero penetration required.

A common myth we’ve noticed circulating is that penetrative sex is more intimate than other types of sex.

Who decided this?

How exactly did they measure it?


Our sexperts have never personally whacked out measuring tapes to decipher this. Surely, someone who is keen and willing to smother your backdoor in smooches deserves some credit? A gold star, perhaps! Anything less and it’s surely a slap in the face?

But what is non-penetrative play and how do I do it with a partner?

Good question.

­Non-penetrative play can involve sensual massages, teasing touches and, of course, hours of oral play. You can spend days and days exploring each other’s bodies and getting to know what exactly makes your partner(s) tick. You can rub and grind on each other, kissing deeply, and don’t forget to go to town on breasts and nipples – those are awesome for playing with!

Turn it into a game with the help of one of ours, such as the Tease & Please Kinky Heart game. Take turns to pick out tasks that will leave you begging for more! Use your imagination and embrace exploration. Why not leave the bedroom and fool around in the bathroom, the kitchen, the hall? Buy an O Wand and you’ll forget penetration is even a thing!


Plus, if you are a vagina-owner and you are self-conscious around the sheets when on your period, you can simply pop in a menstrual cup (see Mooncup or Fun Factory’s Fun Cup) and enjoy yourself stress-free. This is the perfect chance to introduce new, fun games into the mix. Focus your attentions on skin and sensitive areas, take turns to enact sexy activities on each other or role-play saucy fantasies. Invest in some handcuffs and restrain your partner to the bed or explore the art of rope-play…

Removing the pressure of putting one body part into another opens up a world of possibilities. It’s hot and erotic, and it’s likely to boost sexual satisfaction. Whether the reasons for saying ‘no, ta’  to penetration are long-term or short-term, there is only one thing to remember:

There are so many ways to explore your sexuality without ramming a plug in the socket.

Single on Valentines Day Blog P

Celebrating Solo This Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally a night for lovers to spend hours and hours sweating it out between the sheets, Valentine’s can be a little sore for those who find themselves without someone to bump & grind with.

You could organise a night out with other singletons, or set up a Tinder account specifically for hooking up on this one night of the year where the pressure to be part of a couple is on…

But what if you don’t want to? What if you want to take off your rose-tinted glasses and close the door on all the bouquets and teddy bears smugly making their way across town on public transport?


There’s no good reason why you should miss out on orgasms just because you are single. In fact, celebrating Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to show yourself some tender loving care.

There are a couple of different ways of going about this.

  1. Romance yourself. Buy your own flowers, order in a meal and pop the cork on your favourite tipple. Queue up a series on Netflix and settle down in your finest lingerie. Make sure your sheets are fresh for what’s to come (you).
  2. Sod the romance. Get a bag of nachos, find some good porn, and settle down in all your naked glory. Who cares about fresh sheets – the sofa is perfectly fine for a hot wank every other night of the year so it’ll do for V-Day too.

Next: line up everything you need for a menage a moi.

  • Lube – check!
  • Sex toys – hmmm…
  • Toy cleaner – what?

Sex toys might not feature on your list of must-haves, but if you’re going to give it a go, we reckon one of the toys below will make a mighty fine lover on Valentine’s night.

First on our highly-recommended-list is Zalo Queen, an innovative and luxury toy that marries throbbing pulsation, a delicious sucking sensation and temperature-play technology to create a must-have that’s simply too good to share with anyone else (you might not get it back!).

Whoever said there can be too much of a good thing has never enjoyed the pleasures of Zalo Queen; heat it up to keep you nice n’ warm; keep your clit on full alert by switching between the 8 different vibration modes; add a slick of lube and tease your G-spot, add a bit more lube and slide the detachable hood over the shaft to create a suction toy… There’s very little this marvel can’t do in terms of offering pleasure!

Zalo Queen had our toy tester busy for several days (Hey gal – where’d you go?) and cross-eyed with pleasure. Check out her review of Zalo Queen here.

Treat yourself to a Zalo Queen in Wine Red before Valentine’s Day and as an extra treat, we’ll throw in a bottle of ON Arousal Oil (£15) for FREE!


ON Arousal Oil is a clever blend of essential oils and just a drop or two of this stuff will start a warm, tingly build-up, leading to an incredible buzzing sensation that lasts up to 45 minutes. Many women (including us) swear by this oil and say that the buzzing sensation increases their arousal and make them extra wet.

This orgasmic offer is valid in store and online for as long as stock lasts, up to and including Valentine’s Day.

(Sch)longing for Love

Next on our recommended-list is something for those with penises.

Vertical Attack has a name that makes us wince, but the toy itself is dreamy.  A soft, textured masturbation cup with a small vibrator at the tip offers plenty of thrills as you simply glide or twist the sleeve over your long schlong. Its stretchy, body-safe material means Vertical Attack guarantees a smooth ride – especially if you add a little water-based lube beforehand.

Not only are masturbators great fun, but they can also help you last longer if you find yourself popping your cork like it’s 1999. The trick lies in regular practice. As soon as you feel that rumbling sensation in your party-bag, slip off the cup and give the base of your peen a firm squeeze as that’ll help it calm down. Once you have the naughty bugger under control, slip the cup back down over it and work that shaft until the rumbling starts again… Remove the cup and give your Johnson a firm squeeze. Repeat as many times as  you can stand it.

When you eventually let go, it’ll be an explosion to remember *wink*


The Sex Toy That Sucks

Now, some of us have to work on Valentine’s Day – that can’t be helped. Perhaps you’re travelling for work even? Make the most of your hotel stay by inviting a li’l buddy to keep you company.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveller is perfect for anyone who lives out of a suitcase or needs to have their go-bag ready at a moment’s notice; it takes up next to no space and comes in a discreet travel case.

Well-known for its lapping sensations, Satisfyer Pro Traveller is ideal for those who love-love-love oral sex during partnered play. The ‘mouth’ of Satisfyer Pro Traveller has been refined for maximum satisfaction; it cups your lust-button and enables contact-free stimulation, which you can increase or decrease thanks to two intuitive buttons. Using pressure waves rather than traditional vibration, Pro Traveller creates the feeling of gentle sucking that feels orgasmic when placed around the clitoris.

All you need to do is add a lick of lube, then lie back and experience 11 settings all the way from a gentle ‘lick’ to a super-powered ‘suck’ that will take your breath away!


We mentioned toy cleaner earlier, and you should definitely get yourself a bottle of that stuff too. It might be only you using your toy, but it still needs to be cleaned. Spritz on, rinse off, and your fave toy will be ready for round two!





Unlock Your Squirting Sexcess with Lola Jean

Squirting – What is it? Where does it come from? How do I do it?

These are a few of the most common question we get in our East London boutique and it seems that for our customers, squirting is the Holy Grail. Some do, some don’t, but many try, try, and try again.

Eagerly pursued, wet orgasms have a reputation of being ‘better’ than any other kind and those who have yet to master the art of filling a wine glass in just a few seconds (don’t worry, we too felt like we were under-performing when a friend shared this nugget with us) all want to know the secret of making it happen: Can every woman squirt? Is it pee? And – the biggest conundrum of ’em all – does squirting always mean orgasm?

To get answers to these questions, and many more, we have booked in an evening with the Squirting Queen herself, Lola Jean!

Learn more about the science, mechanics and what products can help you on your squirty journey

American Lola Jean is Sex Educator, Mental Health Professional, Wrestler, Domme, Writer, and self-proclaimed Olympian Squirter. And with a sex-CV like that, it’s no wonder women of all ages flock to her classes, keen on learning from the best!

Lola-Jean-Squirting-QueenAlso known as ‘The Squirting Queen’, Lola Jean learned to understand and harness her ability to squirt not only with a lover but on her own through masturbation. It wasn’t an overnight sensation, but an Olympian squirter she became.

Through both personal and professional experience, Lola brings a refreshing understanding to sex and kink to push individuals past what they think they are capable of.

Lola’s background in the mental health field gives her a deep understanding to the mental blocks many individuals may face. A sex geek to the core, Lola continues to develop her teachings and avenues where she can spread her sexpertise to the world.

As featured in The New York Times, Elite Daily and Men’s Health, Lola offers a variety of FemDom, Wrestling, Squirting, and Masturbation classes and frequently makes appearances performing at House of Yes and The Box.

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Expect a refresher on anatomy and a window into the experience of squirt performances. Though involuntary squirting is not the focus of this class, Lola will explain techniques and what to look for during both solo and partnered exploration.



4 New Year’s Sex Resolutions For 2019 

Once the last few Christmas chocolates have been scoffed and the last of the NYE’s Champagne corks have been popped, many find themselves making a series of New Year’s resolutions. More often than not, these resolutions involve lifestyle changes like healthy eating, going to the gym, and generally doing less of the enjoyable things in life. Few stick to these promises past January; ourselves included. 

This got us thinking. How about making some resolutions this year that we all actually want to keep, and best of all, enjoy keeping them

We’re not promising to eat healthier, nor are we likely to go to the gym more often or cut down on the indecent amount of Prosecco we drink in any one year,  but what we solemnly swear to do for ourselves in 2019 is increase our orgasm quota! 

Sounds good?

Here’s the plan:

Love My Body

One New Year’s resolution we hope everyone is going to work hard to keep is learning to love the bodies we are in. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and embracing the uniqueness of yours should be top of the list of things to achieve in 2019.

Not only accepting but also loving, every bump and curve will build body confidence that’ll have you power-walking into the bedroom before stretching out on the bed, stark naked in broad daylight. Before you know it, you might even take a little peek at your lusciousness in the mirror – which incidentally is a fun way of indulging in a bit of me-time…

Every time the inner voice gets in the way, let’s endeavor to quieten it, or even better – teach it to celebrate all that is you!


More ‘Me’ Time

With work, friends, families and all of the other stuff that stops us treating ourselves as a priority, it’s can be hard to find the time to make ourselves feel good. Of course, me-time means different things to different people, but in this instance, we’re talking about polishing the pearl. Jerking the Johnson. Wanking.

Spending hours and hours enjoying sexy time with partners is fantastic, but sometimes it’s really nice to not have to focus on someone else’s pleasure. Taking the time to just think about yourself and do things as slowly or as hard as you like, is pretty damn fantastic too.

Masturbation reduces stress levels and helps us discover more about our own bodies; it’s the best way of learning what brings us immense amounts of pleasure. 

For 2019, let’s all agree to make our own satisfaction a priority by whipping out favourite toys and lube whenever the opportunity arises. 


Be More Honest with Myself and My Sex Partner/s

Being more honest with ourselves and our partners/lovers/friends-with-benefits should be on every list of new year’s resolutions.

We’re probably all a bit guilty of not speaking up when something doesn’t feel great, just as we don’t like admitting to ourselves that we get intensely turned on when fantasizing about scenarios that aren’t quite pc. 

By being more open and honest about what works for us sexually, we stand to get the most out of intimate encounters. Sometimes, this means taking time to reflect on past sexual experiences and working out what was so hot that particular time. Sharing these thoughts with partners – and asking them to do the same – creates intimacy and a new openness. Discussing desires openly can only work to make sex better! 

This year, let’s work out what turns us on the most and then share the findings with significant others, who might just be open to reciprocating…


Try New Things 

Opening ourselves up to new experiences is one of the best things about life, but you don’t need to go further than your bedroom door to try new things. 

Depending on your experiences to date, trying something new can be as soft and luxurious as allowing a partner to massage your skin with sumptuous oil, or as dominant and intense as donning a strap-on and hopping onboard for a pegging session.

This year, why not push your erotic boundaries a little bit further by trying something that seems a little wild or naughty? Food play is messy but so much fun, giving or receiving a spanking is an excellent release after a long day, and anal play can be downright delicious when you take the time to savour each stroke…

2019 is the year for saying ‘YES’ to new adventures!


We wish you all a happy & healthy sex life all the way through 2019 xx




Oral pleasure for both partners: tips, toys and tricks for ‘coming together’

Get Down, Deeper and Down

Is there anything better than having a kiss on your lips or a smooch on your Johnson?

It’s oral, it’s orgasmic and it’s an opportunity to connect with your partner in an immensely intimate way. It can also be a source of frustration or dare we say it – boredom – if, as the giver, you feel overworked, under-appreciated or under-stimulated.


We decided to share a few tips and tricks to ensure that both of you are getting the best of this delightfully sensual situation.

Sharing is Caring

What you don’t want in a situation like this is an unequal relationship. If you love handing out oral left, right, and centre but cannot understand why your partner won’t reciprocate, then you need to have an open, non-judgemental chat with each other to find out what’s going wrong. If it’s something that’s out of their boundaries, then you need to respect that. If it’s sheer laziness, then you’re probably better off going solo with a lubed-up Fun Factory Volta vibrator or a Vertical Attack Vibrating Masturbator – depending on your genitalia.


This brings us onto our next point – you have to know what you want and how to get it. Without good communication, sending your partner on a trip to your southern star without any instructions is like watching a Houdini impersonator wrestle themselves free out of a straight jacket, whilst in a fish tank. It doesn’t have to be a step-by-step manual you are giving them, but rather the occasional encouraging gasp, groan or affirmation, or the invitation to move to the left, or right, harder or softer… If you find yourselves coming from completely different continents on this, then have an honest, yet careful, conversation afterward. Remember, it’s a sensitive subject to comment on someone’s sexual skills or tendencies and you don’t want to cause any lingering insecurities. Keep your words positive, with phrases like “I would love you to focus on my perineum more” or “Wouldn’t it be hot if you used your fingers too?”, rather than “I don’t like that you don’t ever do this”. This way, everyone is happy – and keen to experiment with their newly discovered hints and tricks.

Switch It Up

This should be needless to say but there’s more than one position to be experiencing oral in. Make like Freddie Mercury and have a go at Queen-ing (aka face-sitting). It’s powerful and crazy sexy for both parties, not to mention it’s a fab alternative if the giver has bad knees.

Another option is the ever-famous 69 position to ensure simultaneous pleasure for both parties. We could go on with these suggestions but you might as well look up a Kama Sutra instead.


Likewise, there’s not only one element to oral sex. You don’t need to go straight in with the tongue. Be creative and create a build up – you want your partner to really want it. Perhaps you could do an all over body massage and slowly work your way down. The more turned on they are, the more exciting it will be for you.

The award-winning Orgie have a number of products to take both oral sex and sensuous massages to the next level. Their Wow Warming Spray adds a minty flavour and a warming sensation to your usual oral experience, whilst their aphrodisiac massage set includes oil and a feather to tickle and tease. Yet another option could be their pearls lust massage set, which includes a massage gel, a thread of pearls and an instructions manual to show you how to get the most out of your sexy massaging beads.

The bigger the build up, the more impressive the crescendo will be.

Introduce Toys

One of the sexiest things about giving oral sex is that one person is in complete control of another person’s pleasure. This doesn’t mean however that only one person needs to be stimulated. We have a range of toys online and in our shop that are controlled by a remote device. Give your partner the remote whilst your mouth does the work, giving you some of the action at the same time…


For instance, the luxury sex-toy brand Lelo listened to the fact that male-bodies persons who experience prostate orgasm find them way more intense than the penis-kind, and created the remote-controlled Lelo Hugo. The prostate portion of the toy reaches up into their tush with perfectly formed proportions designed to radiate precise stimulation. Meanwhile, there is a second motor within the long base that tilts upwards to tantalize their perineum.

Similarly, the IJOY Remote Control Egg Vibrator is a great option for someone who owns a vagina. The silky, textured shell buzzes with over 10 functions and can be used clitorally or when inserted into the vagina. Again, this is controlled remotely so you can hand the reigns over to your partner for an extra thrill.

The We-Vibe Ditto is another option from a world-renowned brand and can be used by either gender. This silicone butt plug provides deep, rumbly waves of a blissfully anal utopia. It’s controlled by a we-connect app in a smartphone so the oral receiver can tap into 10 vibration modes for their lucky giver.

Finally, the last vibrating butt plug that is controlled remotely is suitable only for those more experienced in anal play (due to it’s larger size). This unique silicone toy contains rotating beads and, when lathered in lube, mimics the sensation of being rimmed…



Competition: Win a Womanizer Starlet Sex Toy Worth £69!

The festive season is upon us and we’re making merry by giving away a fantabulous Womanzier Starlet suction toy!

Petite yet powerful, Womanizer Starlet has 4 levels of intensity (honestly, you don’t need more!) and retails at a cool £69 – but you can get your hands on it for free!

Womanizer Starlet is small in size but big on orgasm-reliability. Our toy tester confirms it’s easy to hold and use, and a full charge offers a 30-minute play session – but from experience, we know that Womanizer sex toys usually delivers within mere minutes!
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The new generation of sex toys – suction toys – are winning 5-star reviews from customers, toy testers and sex bloggers alike. Once you get the hang of it, suction toys need very little to work their magic. A drizzle of water-based lube, regular USB charging and a comfortable space for you to relax whilst the toy builds you up to orgasmic explosions pretty much covers it… Well, cleaning of course, but the removable silicone nozzle makes it easy peasy.

Here’s how it works:

The nozzle of Womanizer Starlet sits comfortably over the clitoris and offers magnificent suction, not dissimilar to really good oral sex.


We have found that the majority of our customers experience intense orgasms with their suction toys, more so than with any other kind of vibrator. The ‘pleasure air’ technology is very clever and few clits can resist the temptation.

If you find it hard to climax, one of these can make all the difference, so what are you waiting for – enter our competition now and Womanizer Starlet could be all yours!

Good luck!


**A winner has now been selected at random, so check your inboxes!

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The competition ends on 31st December 2018.

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Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.