Advice all about orgasm, with guides on how to have an orgasm, better orgasms and more orgasms! But we know, for lots of women, it’s not always a climatic case of wall-to-wall orgasmic delight and we’ve advised many pre-orgasmic women, so we also have guides on problems with orgasm , how to have your first one or what steps to take to make your orgasmic ability more consistent…

Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies

Taking the plunge and buying your very first sex toy is exciting and a little bit scary – what if you don’t like it? Or what if you like it too much?!  (We promise that “liking it too much” is a not thing when it comes to pleasure, so no need to worry about that!) … Continue reading Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies

Wow Yourself For V-Day

Valentine’s Day can feel gruesome and daunting if you aren’t coupled up for this luvvy time of year: shops are filled with teddy bears, flower arrangements and cards so sweet your teeth hurt just looking at them. There are plenty of things you can do with equally single friends on V-Day, like going for drinks and watch … Continue reading Wow Yourself For V-Day

Sex Toy Review: Satisfyer Pro2

An absolute must for the ‘gal on the go.’ Zero to orgasm in about three minutes flat! The Satisfyer Pro2 is so quick and effective, everyone with a clitoris should own one. It is really easy to use –   I can easily cope with just one button! The best thing is you don’t really … Continue reading Sex Toy Review: Satisfyer Pro2

Ask Sarah: Sex, Orgasms and MS

Dear Sh! I wanted to ask about orgasms please. I have multiple sclerosis – I’ve had it for 30 years and have been fine until maybe 2 years ago, when I started having problems with fatigue. It’s then I started having problems with (no) orgasms. I’m not asking for medical advice! I tried to get … Continue reading Ask Sarah: Sex, Orgasms and MS

Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex

Here at Sh! Towers we receive boxes full of goodies every week, and whilst many of them are good – great, even – we are always on the lookout for something that truly stands out from the rest; that special book or toy that we just know will make a difference to women everywhere. When … Continue reading Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex