Advice on kink / BDSM play and how to ensure it’s safe and sensual. Since Fifty Shades of Grey catapulted kink into the mainstream, we’ve seen a huge increase in couples asking our advice about introducing a little ( or a lot!) of BDSM play into their bedrooms, so here you’ll find guides on power play, spanking, BDSM restraint, kinky erotica and playing with bondage toys and nipple clamps…

Creative Juices: Do It.

Hello there, thank you for stopping by for the second instalment of Creative Juices! Today we have a rough sex-fantasy by @Nookysemper, a hot & heavy story that’ll have you feeling juicy in no time. Just so you know, this story includes breath play & asphyxiation kink. If that’s not your thing, we recommend hopping off this … Continue reading Creative Juices: Do It.

Wedding Gifts for Kinky Couples

Spring and Summer are high season for weddings and whilst we all love receiving invites, they inevitably bring on gift-stress: what do you buy the couple that has everything? Or perhaps you are a Bride or Groom looking to surprise your beloved with something different on the morning of the big day, an extra-special gift … Continue reading Wedding Gifts for Kinky Couples

Fierce Intimacy: Passion & Connection

Would you like more intimacy and passion in your relationship ? Do you want to discover how kink can bring you closer ? Are you ready for a wild ride into The Eye of the Storm? Marti & Faerie from Sacred Pleasures are hosting a new retreat for lovers & partners on Lanzarote this June. It’s … Continue reading Fierce Intimacy: Passion & Connection

7 Common Misconceptions About BDSM

With Fifty Shades Darker playing in cinemas all over the world, we are finding ourselves in conversations with customers and journalists about what it means for love lives – is the level of kink about to hike right up? Or are we over it? In reality, a lot of people who enjoy what is commonly … Continue reading 7 Common Misconceptions About BDSM

Are You Ready for a Hot Valentine’s Weekend?

With Fifty Shades Darker there is no better time to start gathering inspiration and start planning the hottest weekend to date. But before you start the prep, why not take a few minutes to read this excellent blog piece on smashing sexual boundaries, stepping out of comfort zones and upping the O-game for 2017. It’ll put you … Continue reading Are You Ready for a Hot Valentine’s Weekend?

Q&A: My girlfriend is into BDSM but I’m not

I recently found out that my girlfriend has been looking at BDSM porn. I was a bit taken aback and I don’t really know how she feels about it? Do you think she wants to try it in real life or it’s just a fantasy?  I don’t mind that she has been looking at it, … Continue reading Q&A: My girlfriend is into BDSM but I’m not

Q&A: Is it safe to insert an egg anally?

My partner and I have a lot of fetishes around monsters and sci fi scenarios. We like to enact her being ravaged by fantastic beasts and I enjoy simulating the sensations by dressing up and using toys and props. One thing we’re interested in is simulating her being impregnanted by an alien egg. I’d like … Continue reading Q&A: Is it safe to insert an egg anally?

Cafe V – Feeling Safe When Exploring Bondage Play

Before we start, we’d like to highlight that some readers may feel triggered by this article. If this is the case, please stop reading and practice self-care. Maybe have a cup of tea or phone a friend – or both! You can always come back to this page at a later point. Many of the … Continue reading Cafe V – Feeling Safe When Exploring Bondage Play