Valentine's Day Blog Post

Valentine’s Day for Two or More

It’s the most sensual time of the year again (isn’t it always?). Saint Valentine is flapping his wings and sprinkling rose petals all over the shop. Love it or hate it, the 14th February is the perfect opportunity to give your special someone/s a token of your unwavering adoration. For those who usually struggle to find time – this should be already printed in your diary. Make the most of it. Do something different this year: anyone over the age of 8 does not need another teddybear.

Think of us as your own personal Cupid. We have three different arrows you could fire at your lover(s) – romance, fantasy or one focused on unleashing your wild side…

Don’t let your special day this year be a letdown.



For a romantic Valentine’s Day, it’s the details that count.

You can’t do Valentine’s Day without a romantic dinner. This year, however, increase the heat with another type of remote vibrator. More appeasing than any Hors d’Oeuvres we’ve come across before, the IJoy vibe is the perfect shape to slip into a pair of saucy underwear before dinner.  Pass the discreet remote controller to your date and let them control the level of heat in each dish. Otherwise, we also sell underwear specifically designed for this purpose. These come with an inbuilt bullet and a control disguised in the form of a black ring.

Save your Barry White rendition for another occasion and instead, think about a present that your partner(s) will truly value. Why not invest in a cherry-picked sex toy in their favourite colour? You could team this with a massage oil of their favourite scent for a dessert made to delight; simply lather up and then rub down.

For those who prefer penetration, the We-Vibe Sync increases intensity to an effervescent level. Generally, women experience higher levels of earth-shattering pleasure through clitoral stimulation. By slipping in one of these toys and bending to the body, the wearer then has something to grind against when being penetrated. What’s more, both partners do not even need to be together to use this toy, which makes it ideal for those who are spending this year’s Valentine’s Day apart. The We-Vibe Sync can be controlled through an app from anywhere in the world…



Celebrating Valentine’s Day fantasy-style is an excuse to let loose.

During a recent class, one guest shared that her fantasy is to be covered in butter and salt, before being handed over to a couple of chefs for a proper roasting… Not quite the Sunday dinner Mary Berry would approve of (or is it?) but we love the imagination!

If butter and salt isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other things to try. One of our faves is The Maid. The Maid can be sweet, saucy or downright rude, depending on your preference. Bending over to show juicy bits is a classic move, as is “accidentally” placing your boobers over their face when reaching for something just out of reach… (Is there a word for this move? Faceboob? Let us know!)

If your boo has a sweet tooth and you like to potter about in the kitchen, chocolate-covered strawberries are quick and easy to prepare. Serve on a platter, and feed them slowly. It’ll get messy, but that’s easily sorted: The Maid will lick it off!

The Stripper is another fantasy that doesn’t take much prep but creates memories that last a lifetime.


Put together a playlist of your favorite tunes; pick the music you like to get down n’ dirrrty to as that’ll set the mood faster than you can say “Well hello, Sailor”. Low lights and scented candles create atmosphere, and if your Sailor enjoys a glass of whiskey, why not pour them one on the rocks before taking to the ‘stage’.

You don’t need to prepare moves for your Stripper routine; shimmying your shoulders and dipping your hips low on the beat will be enough to set their pulses racing and earn you a “raise”!

Excite your sweetheart by stepping out of your clothes, but leave on stockings, suspenders and gorgeous nipple decorations for what comes next…


Are you on the hunt for a BDSM experience like no other? Perhaps you’ve been inspired to delve into your deepest domming desires for the first time? Maybe you need to prove your unflappable obedience like the attentive sub you are?

At Sh! we are here to help and advise so you can iron out any kinks you don’t want to feature in your Valentine’s Day celebration. Browse in-store and online to see our full range of gags, whips and durable leather – now isn’t the time to practice self-restraint…unless you want to, that is.

If your innermost desire is to unleash the Vixen inside, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do it. Browse our range of MAZE faux leather fetish accessories for inspiration, and pick up a copy of the Mistress Manual for tips on how to best keep a wayward slave under control.

Bind your partner with love & bondage tape before dripping hot wax on their skin (n.b. don’t waste your TK Maxx bargains for this, we have specialised body-safe candles for such activities that won’t burn your skin). Tease them until they just can’t take anymore with our ostrich feather tickler. For subs deserving of a spank, try one of our tawses or heart-shaped paddles.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which version of Valentine you want to celebrate this year. Just remember, no one likes a Scrooge.


Wedding Gifts for Kinky Couples

Wedding Gifts for Kinky Couples

Spring and Summer are high season for weddings and whilst we all love receiving invites, they inevitably bring on gift-stress: what do you buy the couple that has everything?

Or perhaps you are a Bride or Groom looking to surprise your beloved with something different on the morning of the big day, an extra-special gift they won’t be expecting?

We’ve got you covered.

We love gifts that keep on giving, and we’ve cherry-picked the best surprise gifts for the wedding day.

Kinky Seduction Set in Black Satin

If you’re buying for good friends, the kinky seduction set in black is a great option. Presented in a black gift box, the set contains three essential and highly versatile toys: a satin blindfold, a pair of satin ties and a soft feather pom.

The satin blindfold creates sensual darkness, throwing off inhibitions and welcoming gentle nibbling of soft skin. The blindfolds fastens with a bow at the back of the head, and is soft & silky enough to sleep comfortably in.

The satin ties with are extra long for versatility, and fastens easily with metal D-rings. At 39″ long and 2″ wide, they look as good as they feel – no chafing, but certainly strong enough to struggle against if that’s part of a bedroom game.

A cute feather pom in gold adds a fun finishing touch. It looks innocent, but works wonderfully when used for slow, seductive play. The fluttery feeling is light and delicate, making every centimeter of skin come alive under its touch.

Beautiful Steel Plug with Jewel Decoration


If you are looking for a sophisticated yet kinky gift for your Bride, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful steel plug. Delivering sensory fireworks where the sun don’t shine, with a pretty jewel detail peeking out for instant WOW factor, it’s a morning gift that’ll keep her derriere looking and feeling fantastic throughout the day.

At only 2″ of insertable length, this plug isn’t overly big but the weight is what makes it feel so good. Steel butt plugs are sensual to wear, and the sumptuous ridges offer intense sensations when the wearer sits, stands or moves in a way that makes the anal muscles clench against the plug.

Don’t forget to include a bottle of anal lube – a tushie isn’t self-lubricating and needs all the extra lubrication it can get.

Steel Butt Plug with Diamante Handle


Small enough to tempt an anal newbie, the steel butt plug with diamante handle makes a gorgeous gift. A tapered tip for easy insertion, great design for prostate stimulation and broad base for ultimate safety; there is nothing to not to love about this plug!

With its slightly longer neck, this steel plug is especially suitable for prostate play – just remember to add the all-important lube.

With 2.”8 of insertable length and sleek good looks,  the steel butt plug with a diamante handle is well-designed and a pleasure to use.

Luxury Whip with 18k Gold Dildo Handle

The ultimate in decadent gifts, this luxury suede whip has a stunning 18k gold handle and seductively soft tails.

Ergonomically designed to ensure a firm grip, the handle doubles as a dildo. The 18k gold handle/dildo with delicate Swarowski crystals offers both Dom/me & sub stunningly erotic play sessions.

The soft suede strands of this whip are great for sensation play; with slow sexy swishes, the submissive partner can be teased & tickled into a frenzy.

This luxury whip is great for beginners, as well as more experienced players and a must for anyone who likes their BDSM toys to be a cut above the rest.


Presented in a luxurious white box, this suede whip really does make the perfect present for the kinky couple who has everything…


vintage wedding

Something Old, Something New…

With a whopping 53% of all weddings in the UK taking place between May and August, we’re busy gearing up for an alternative Wedding Season with cherry-picked gifts much more exciting than four-slice toasters or silverware.

Something Old

Traditionally the marriage begins on the wedding night, but it’s commonly estimated that more than half (52%) of newlywed couples do not consummate on the night. Organizing and executing a dream wedding is costly both in terms of finances and energy, and many couples choose to snooze rather than enjoying bed shaking antics after the nuptials.

Shaking out a tried & tested quickie position in between service and evening celebration is the best way of ensuring some private fun and sets you up for the rest of the night. This could be any position as long as you know it works.

Tickle Her Pink Clitoral Stimulating Gel Tester £3In order to spice up the quickie, we recommend keeping a handy tester sachet of Tickle Her Pink clitoral enhancing gel tucked away inside a bra or a pocket. Massage a finger-tips’ worth of stimulating gel into the clitoral area during the festive frolic, before enjoying the additional rush of blood to this super-sensitive area.

Something New

Traditionally the Bride wears something new for her wedding, but Sh! recommends non-conventional Brides takes the ‘something new’ a little further.

The honeymoon is the perfect time to relax together. Embracing new positions, techniques and adventures should be high on the agenda; a couple that plays together, stays together. Packing a little something into the suitcase will ensure the happy couple start as they mean to carry on.

This small card game for couples takes up no space in the suitcase, and each card suggests a new position to try out.

The images are a heteronormative, but with the help of imagination (or a Sharpie), you can still enjoy the positions with a strap-on, for example.

Something Borrowed

A traditional Bride may choose to borrow something from a close friend or family member to wear on the day, but we’d like to suggests an altogether different approach to ‘something borrowed’: a selection of sex tips that you can customise and make your own.

sh_-satin-seduction-bondage-gift-set-whiteBlindfolding a partner ensures that every lick, kiss and caress is felt so much more intensely. The receiving partner can relax into the blissful sensations of pleasure washing over them. This small but oh-so-useful bridal gift box holds a blindfold, a pair of satin ties and a soft feather pom for stroking and tickling. 

A soft ostrich feather traced over soft skin wakes up nerve-endings and hints at what’s to come. If you feel like taking the session a little further, this feather comes teamed with a spanking crop for teasing & pleasing. Spanking play doesn’t have to be painful, so if you just want to use the crop for posturing and playful tappin o’ the bum, that’s excellent fun too! 

lipstick_1 (1)A small discreet vibrator is the best way of increasing a woman’s chances of hitting the Big Oh. This rechargeable and waterproof lipstick style vibrator is a bestseller at Sh! and fits the bill. With 8 different settings and sensational power, it’s quick & easy to use. Remember that vibration can be exciting on parts other than juicy genitals: ear lobes, back of neck, nipples… Any body part that enjoys a bit of attention, really. 

Something Blue

Something blue traditionally refers to the Bride’s garter, a hidden expression of love & fidelity. A modern Bride may choose to forego the frilly garter, opting instead for an erotic sexting session in blue language with her betrothed.

Spending a long day with friends & family, it is not unusual for a newlywed couple to feel as if they do not get enough time together on the big day. This is easily remedied by adding some sexy sizzle with secret text messages at regular intervals throughout.

we-vibe-unite-with-remote-controlFor cheeky fun, the Bride/s could wear We Vibe Unite, a clever couples vibrator. Controlled by a discreet remote or by a free app on a  smartphone, We Vibe Unite delivers pinpoint thrills to clit & G-spot – guaranteed to liven up a long day!


Q&A: What sex toy should I buy my wife?

Q&A: What sex toy should I buy my wife?

Hi, my wife’s birthday is soon and I’m thinking of buying her some new toy (for both of us to enjoy). I’ve seen porn where people are using  wand massagers and I have read that they are the best toy to stimulate the clitoris, which is the only way my wife cums. However, I am a bit worried it might be too intense? It’s a lot of money to spend on a toy and I want to be sure it’s the right thing. Will she like it? It’s not like I can take it back if she doesn’t. 



Hi Chris

Many thanks for your email.

Wand vibratorsMost Popular Wand Massagers are hugely popular and many sexuality educators, like Betty Dodson, swear by them.

Their deep, throbby vibrations are very reliable for pleasure, and as Wands were originally designed for all-over body massaging, they have many uses.

It’s impossible for us to guarantee that your wife (or any woman) will love the vibrator you buy for her. We can guarantee that the cherry-picked sex toys we sell are toys that deliver pleasure to thousands of women, but as each woman is individual and unique, we simply cannot guarantee every toy will work for every woman.

Fun sex is all about discovering what’s enjoyably and pleasurable for you and your partner, and a Wand can certainly help with this.

Wand massagers come in an array of colours and sizes, there are plug&play versions, there are cordless ones, and there are smaller-sized ones for travelling and ease of use.

Wand massagers are very intense, and this is why they are so popular.

To start off with, we recommend using the vibrator on the area around the vulva, so not directly on it. Placing a Wand vibrator on the lower part of the stomach can be incredibly sexy – the rumbly vibrations can be felt into the knicker-area. Or, place a small pillow between the clit and the Wand; the whole pillow vibrates!

It may be an idea to find out what type of vibrator your wife might like; it could be that she dreams of a Wand, or perhaps she’d prefer a smaller-size clit vibe… It can be tricky to buy a vibrator for someone else, which is why getting Sh! Gift Vouchers is such a great idea – that way you’re sure to get her something she’ll enjoy!

If you have any other questions please contact us at advice@sh-womenstore, include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’ if you’d like your advice from our new sex and relationship expert.

All names have been changed for the purposes of anonymity.

Good luck!

Team Sh! xx

All We Want for Christmas – Orsi’s Wishlist

All We Want for Christmas – Orsi’s Wishlist

There are only a few more days until Christmas, but we have a good hunch that you still have at least one person to find the right gift for. The last wishlist, from Orsi, marketing and resident magpie, may just be the thing to give you some inspiration.

Bracli Original Pearl Thong

I mean who doesn’t remember those Sex and the City scenes where Samantha comes at least a dozen times by the time she reaches the top floor of a hotel wearing these beauties? I’d certainly be up for testing whether they’ve exaggerated about the effects. Gorgeous lace with real pearls, I wish it would already be in my underwear drawer.

Bijoux Indiscrets Desire Collar

I love the idea of wearing a bedroom accessory out in broad daylight. (Shiny gold handcuffs as bracelets, anyone?) This collar is delicate enough to not raise suspicion when worn with a white shirt or a blazer, moreover, I’d bet you could hand it over in its pretty box right in front of your in-laws as well. And don’t tell me that sharing an intimate moment in front of everyone but still unnoticeable for them doesn’t turn you on at least a little. You can keep the matching cufflinks for later.

Njoy Steel Fun Wand

I wouldn’t be a real magpie if this stainless steel toy,  hand-polished to a mirror shine weren’t on my wishlist. One of those toys that are ain’t cheap but promises so much and is virtually indestructible, I’ve heard odes about it’s G-spot stimulating  powers – and that pleasure is definitely something I’d like to get most of in 2016. Maybe I should just forward this post to my partner straight away…

New Book Of Topping

Interestingly enough quite a few of my female mates has expressed desires lately to explore or become really good at topping. The original of this little green book became an overnight essential manual in 1994 for tops, dominants, owners, trainers, masters, mistresses et cetera and I’m sure it will serve as a fun beacon in their new exploration.

Lelo Mona Wave

Lelo have done a great job making their brand well known to the mainstream and designing fun, sleek toys you don’t want to only use in the dark. The new wave variations of Mona and Ina will please you immensely with their internal values too: a G-spot massager specially designed to rise and plunge, offering the well known and loved “come-hither” motion. It was an enlightening moment to first see it in motion in the shop and I can’t wait for it to join my toybox.

JeJoue Mimi

Beautifully designed, non-threatening and super powerful, Mimi is the gift to your sister or best friend who may have not experimented with toys much yet or just need strong clitoral stimulation to orgasm. I know I wouldn’t turn my nose up should I find it under my tree on Christmas morning. A tip: just place it on your abdomen and enjoy the powerful vibrations traveling through your body and increasing the blood flow as a warm-up for solo play or getting into the mood for date night.

All We Want For Christmas – Kate’s Wishlist

All We Want For Christmas – Kate’s Wishlist

Dive into this hilarious yet super informative wish list by Kate: what would she  want to fill your and her own stocking with? She works in our lovely Hoxton shop,  so she is bound to have some fun ideas.

1. Sh! Silicone Love Balls

I am absolutely convinced that the first step to a fantastic sex life is a healthy and strong Va Va Jay! Kegel exercises are not only essential to a powerful orgasm, or squeezing your partner into oblivion, they also prevent many health issues, such as a weak bladder, while lowering your risk of pelvic cancer. That’s why I would like to obtain a whole truck of these purple darlings and give them away for free to every woman passing through Hoxton Square. It would be my gift to the wonderful women of London; I secretly believe that London is a troubled but dashing and fabulous girl.

2. Sh! Remote Play Egg

My sister recently became a yummy mummy. I know that she would like to get her mojo back, as it got lost between nappies, pacifiers and the nightmare of teething. This tiny, but powerful toy is a discreet and hands-free solution whenever you are in need of some extra quiet naughtiness. She just has to grab the remote and enjoy full control over the vibrations, which she can stop without a fuss and whenever she (or the crying baby) needs to – or she just can give up all control and pass the remote to her hubby!

3. The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50 by Joan Price

My mum is a beautiful, lively woman, but I think she needs a little encouragement to unleash her cougar power. This book is a full-on guide which will inspire her to find new ways to enjoy her sexual potential. Right now it’s her special time, when she can focus on exploring her sexual world without any distractions. Find it in the shop!

4. She Comes First by Ian Kerner PhD

No matter who you are or who you date – girls, boys or other fabulous creatures – this empowering guide to cunnilingus will not only let you understand better the complex miracle of every clitoris, it will allow you to communicate better, come better and lick better. And if you ‘re single, I would recommend starting first date sexy chit-chat with one question: “Did you read, She Comes First?” If the answer is no, you can call the cab.

5. Wirly Girly 2 Slim Dildo (in marble pink)

I am a big fan of genderless and fully inclusive sex toys. When I am buying a dildo I don’t want to think about future potential partners, I want the ultimate pleasure deal – something sexy and multifunctional. That’s why this bendy, cheeky little fella is everything I could ask for from Santa. Not too long for vaginal play, with soft ridges that could easily slide on the g-spot; not
too girthy for bum play and long enough to reach the male prostate. Hand poured, with a unique blend of two shades of deliciously soft silicone. And it’s pink. It will fill my Christmas stocking just right.

6. Sh! Lube Liquid (250 ml)

A whole bucket of it. I am addicted to its smooth, silky texture. Extra safe for my lady garden, as it is water based, with an extra splash of glycerine that will prevent water from evaporating; so it’s not getting sticky when things are getting really hot. Oh, and it’s a great hand moisturiser. Seriously.

All We Want for Christmas – Renee’s Wishlist

All We Want for Christmas – Renee’s Wishlist

This Sunday it’s Renee, our wonderful, ETO Award winning Shop Manager, who shares her not-so-secret wish list of joy. Curious about what someone who knows all about sex toys may want? You have to wait no more.

dressing gown


Dressing Gown
I know fleecy dressing gowns and pj’s are traditional Christmas gifts, but I want to spice things up a little. This silky dressing gown with lace inserts looks – and feels – great. Perfect for a chilled out, but still sexy, Christmas morning: dressed enough not to offend the in-laws but still a little skin on show…


beyonce corsetBeyonce Corset 
Beautiful lace detailing and easy to peel off – need I say more? It comes in a variety of sizes, and if you come see us in the shop, we’ll help fit you. A corset is a marvellous garment; you’ll find yourself stand up straighter and sashaying around. I find a a woman in a corset is best accessorized with a glass of chilled bubbles, so I hope Santa brings a bottle of Moet too…



Rocks Off HooplaRocks Off Feranti Hoopla Massager
Like many women, I prefer non-traditionally looking toys and this waterproof little massager ticks all the boxes for fun, creative play.  Hoopla is USB rechargeable (it can be charged whilst I’m working – handy!) and so discreet. As you can see from the design, it isn’t intended for internal use, but the shape is great for all-over external play. This is the kind of toy you won’t mind someone finding!


Flogger and BibleLuxury Suede Flogger & Boudoir Bible
Thuddy suede strands and 18k white gold handle with Swarovski crystal… *sigh*  At a whopping £99, I’m not going to buy it for myself but if Santa brings me one, I might even let him have a cheeky go.  

The Boudoir Bible, written by Betony Vernon with illustrations by Francois Berthoud, is a modern sex guide for ‘the uninhibited’. Beautifully written, the Boudoir Bible is available for purchase in the shop, and I feel it’s the perfect bedtime read…



For my bezzie mates
ultimate guide to female orgasmA copy of Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women by Mikaya Heart
(one of my favourite books – I cannot recommended this enough) plus a Love Bullet Silver Lipstick vibrator – this will ensure their new year starts off with a decent bang, so to speak. The lipstick bullet is rechargeable and waterproof – and very quiet.

For Santa
He’ll have a busy season, so a bit of stress relief might be appreciated. I’ll make sure to sneak a Tenga Egg into his pocket…



Men’s Shopping Event at Sh! | Mon 21st Dec | 6-8pm | FREE!

Guys, we know how stressful Christmas shopping for your bae can be: you have to get the right style, the right size, the right colour – and then you have to wrap it all up too…

Let us take the stress out of Christmas shopping for her this year – Join us for an in-store shopping event for men, on Monday 21st December, 6-8pm.

Our ever-helpful sales advisers will be on hand to help pick out the perfect gift for your partner, and wrap it too!

There will be mulled wine, mince pies and an easy, unpressured atmosphere of Christmas cheer in which to browse fabulous gifts that are all about her pleasure…

Sh! is THE place to buy a sensual present  for your lover, partner, girlfriend or wife.

Men's Shopping Event

We have insider knowledge, like no other, when it comes to sex toy shopping – 23 years of speaking to women of all ages and preferences about what they want has taught us everything you need to know!

Before you set off, take a moment to think about the points below:

What are you thinking of buying? A luxury vibrator? A stylish strap-on or perhaps a sparkly butt plug?

All of these are great ideas – if it is what she’s into…

With gifts, it’s best to play it safe and choose something that she has had her eye on for a while…

She’ll love that you’ve paid attention AND she’ll want to use it time and time again. Win!
Lelo Lily


We have some stunning gift vibrators in store, beautifully packaged, which make  fabulous Christmas additions to her toy box.




A word to the wise – we’d never recommend these go under the tree, ready to unwrap at the family gathering!

Sexy gifts, however beautiful, are best presented between just the two of you – perhaps on Christmas Eve, when you’re both feeling magical, rather than Christmas Day, when the feeling maybe more frazzled!


Multi-Strap Knickers

Beautiful lingerie is sexy – just make sure to choose something she’ll want to wear!

If you are thinking of sensual smalls, do a little homework, before you visit…

  • Style Does she prefer thongs, Brazilian cut panties of full-bottomed briefs?
  • Colour What colours does she wear the most? By choosing lingerie in her favourite colour, you’re guaranteed to be seeing her in your gift time and time again…
  • Size Tricky one, but you don’t want to get it wrong (trust us on this one). Take a sneaky peek in her undies drawer and make a note of her sizes.




Shopping for the perfect gift for the women in your life is not easy, we know, and that’s probably why so many guys leave it to the very last minute! So, on the last week of Christmas, we’d be delighted you join us and let us help!

Where:  Sh!, 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

When:  Monday 21st December, 6-8pm