Body Image

In a world where we’re bombarded by ideals of what is ‘sexy’, we’re here to counteract all the pressure of what is is to be desirable and to find the desire within ourselves!

My Vagina Writes a Tinder Advert

At Sh!, we discuss all aspects of sex openly and frequently, and recently we found ourselves sharing online dating experiences in general and Tinder experiences in particular. For those unfamiliar with Tinder, it is a virtual wonder of swiping left & right until you find a suitable match – hot hookups made in smartphone heaven! … Continue reading My Vagina Writes a Tinder Advert

Let’s Talk About…Sex Event

Saturday 5th August is a date for your diaries, lovely people. Sh! along with a number of sexperts & professionals working within the sex & sexuality field will be joining Queerlective for what promises to be the Sex Education Revolution! Let’s Talk About…Sex is an immersive cabaret performance which focuses on every aspect of sex. Enter … Continue reading Let’s Talk About…Sex Event

The Joy of Getting Laid

“I got laid last night – it was great!” She said it with such joy we all spontaneously burst out in a round of applause, before hugging her. At that point, we wouldn’t have been surprised if fireworks had gone off over east London, such was the excitement. It might not seem like such a … Continue reading The Joy of Getting Laid

To Shave or Not To Shave – That Is The Question

With temperatures soaring, we’re all undressing with wild abandon (not just us, surely!) and with that comes the age old question – to shave or not to shave? On this occasion, we’re not interested in leg or arm pit hair – we’re talking about lady-gardening: pubes. Pubic hair has, over the years, been groomed, shaved … Continue reading To Shave or Not To Shave – That Is The Question

An Evening with Cristina Palmer-Romero, Author of A Teenage…Nymphomaniac?

As part of our quest for better sex education and equality between teenage girls & boys, we are delighted to announce this one-off evening with Cristina Palmer-Romero, the author of Secret Diaries of a Teenage… Nymphomaniac?.   This evening is aimed specifically at mothers and fathers of daughters. However, Christina maintains that the sooner we also … Continue reading An Evening with Cristina Palmer-Romero, Author of A Teenage…Nymphomaniac?

Romantic, Wild & Fantasy Valentine Date Lingerie

Dressing to impress for those perfect Valentine dates has never been easier – whatever your style – romantic, wild or fantasy, we have exciting lingerie to both look & feel great in. Our easy guide below will help create a Valentine’s Day (and night, more importantly!) that is as hot as can be. As Easy … Continue reading Romantic, Wild & Fantasy Valentine Date Lingerie

Magnificence in Midlife & Beyond

A Fun Day of Magnificence in Midlife & Beyond We don’t know if you have ever heard of The Mutton Club, the website & hub that shares inspiring, entertaining and cool stuff for women in midlife and beyond. They Mutton Club is hosting a fabulous event for women tomorrow, Saturday 12th November,  09:45-17:00. There will be … Continue reading Magnificence in Midlife & Beyond