New Heart Throb Vibrator

We’ve got a new throbbingly-good vibrator in stock this week – the Heart Throb Vibrator.

Designed like a love ball , the Heart Throb is a pretty pink toy with a twist – specifically, you give it a twist and it starts to vibrate! The Vibrator runs on three LR44 batteries inside the toy, and it’s a great combination of love ball and vibrator!

Heart Throbber Internal Vibrator
Heart Throbber Internal Vibrator

We’d recommend the Heart Throbber for:

very focussed G-spot vibration
clit stimulation! If you like clit play with a textured surface and a strong buzz, the Heart Throbber internal Vibrator is definitely a good choice!
– warming up befiore a hot night out – wear while you get ready to really put you in the mood!
– a great travel toy. The Heart Throbber Internal Vibrator is so discreet we reckon you can take it anywhere in a purse or handbag.
– excercising your PC muscles – the vibrating Heart Throbber makes it that little bit more rewarding and sexy!

Hope we’ve given you a few ideas, Ladiez – enjoy!

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