6 Reasons to Try the Mooncup

Team Sh!, like many of our customers, are huge fans of the Mooncup. Here are 6 reasons why you should try using a Mooncup too:


Mooncup £20

The Mooncup is Convenient.
Ideal for travelling, swimming and exercise. Can safely be used overnight. Needs emptying less often than you would replace tampons or pads.

The Mooncup is Comfortable.
Inserted correctly, the Mooncup can’t be felt inside. Non-absorbent, so does not cause dryness.

The Mooncup is Safe.
Latex-free and made from medical grade silicone.

The Mooncup Saves Money.
Only one Mooncup is needed and will last for years. One costs less than the average woman spends in six months on disposable sanitary products

The Mooncup is Healthy.
No exposure to pesticides, chemicals or bleaches. The Mooncup collects rather than absorbs, allowing for a healthy vaginal environment.

The Mooncup is Eco-friendly.
One woman uses 10.000 tampons and pads in her lifetime. 4 million sanitary products are flushed away every day.

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