6 Best Sex Toys for Couples

Today we’re talking about sex toys for couples, fun products that can help enhance intimacy, encourage exploration and also create giggles in the bedroom – because sex should be fun!

Just like couples, toys come in all shapes and sizes. Picking just six favourites proved tricky, so we decided to create our list from bestsellers in our shop in East London.

So, truly, our Top 6 Best Toys for Couples have been chosen by our lovely customers!

These toys are all made from, or covered in, body-safe silicone, the very best material for all sex toys. The material of a toy is important, as it makes cleaning so much easier. You can relax into pleasure, knowing that lubes & bodily juices will simply wash off after use; no nasty bacteria hiding in nooks & crannies of your favouite toys.

Silicone feels lovely to touch, velvety and skin-like. It quickly warms up to body temperature and as long as the toys are well cared for, will feel just as fantastic for years to come.

Lelo Noa Couples Vibrator

Noa, from luxury toy brand Lelo has long been a favourite with customers.

Ergonomically shaped to please, Lelo Noa is worn with the flexible internal stimulator resting on your G-spot and the powerful, external bullet against your clitoris. It still allows plenty of room for your partner, and provides extra stimulation and thrilling pleasure to both of you during penetration.

Simply click the one-button control interface to cycle through the 6 powerful modes.

Leo Noa is USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof and comes with a 10 year pleasure guarantee. That, we’re sure you’ll agree, is excellent value!

Lelo Noa £69 - Designed to be worn during intercourse to stimulate your clitoris & G-Spot at the same time...

We Vibe Unite Couples Vibe with Remote Control

Another fun vibe to try is We Vibe Unite, a compact version of million-selling We Vibe. A clever C-shape design, We Vibe Unite is worn by a woman during penetration. This allows for vibration against both clitoris and G-spot, with both partners having their hands free for other hot-spots.

We Vibe Unite comes with a remote control for convenient play. The remote is easily controlled with a single button and can be used from up to three meters away.

With 10 different modes, there are plenty of rhythms, sensations and vibrating pleasure, specifically the extra clitoral stimulation that 70%+ women need to orgasm during penetrative sex. The vibe slips comfortably between lovers and offers extra thrills without getting in the way of your moves and grooves…

Like all earlier versions of We Vibe, Unite is USB rechargeable which makes it an excellent travel companion.


Remote Play Egg

Enjoying secret thrills when out and abut in public can really up the ante when it comes to fun couples play, and the Remote Play Egg delivers every time.

Slip the Egg into your smalls before handing over the remote to your partner. The gentle buzz, should they decide you get to enjoy it, teases & pleases labia lips and clit whilst nestled in your knickers.

When playing in public, discretion is of course of utmost importance, and the Remote Play Egg is super-quiet, giving nothing away. Well, we say nothing… Many remote controlled toys work on the same frequency, meaning that your remote unit may be controlling somebody else’s pleasure too, if you are in a bar or a restaurant – just like their remote may be able to control your egg… (You’ve been warned!)

With 10 different vibrating patterns, including steady vibration and various revving and pulse patterns, there’s a lot to explore.

Coat in a drop or two of your favourite lubricant to ease in-and-out (vaginal play only), and to enhance sensations.

The small remote-control unit comes fully powered-up and requires no additional batteries. With a single button to scroll through the settings, it’s super-easy to use too.


PicoBong Transfomer Double-Ended Vibe

Transformer proudly positions itself as the world’s first gender-neutral sex toy (we’re not sure we subscribe to that – there are a whole heap of toys that can be enjoyed regardless of gender), but it is certainly unique.

Two vibrating bulbs can be enjoyed externally or internally, connected by a long, bendable spine. Transformer can be shaped in ways that best suit you and your partner, offering pleasure that is only limited by your imagination.

Rechargeable, waterproof up to 1 meter and with 10 modes to choose from, PicoBong Transformer is a great choice if you want a toy with multiple uses.


Cool Boy Rechargeable Cock Ring

Many women are unable to orgasm without help from a battery-powered buddy and if this is the case for you, adding a bit of sizzle to his sausage is a good idea.

Cool Boy is a powerful vibrating intercourse ring for couples to enjoy together. Four built-in nodules offer extra pressure for his erection, and the nodule on top of the ring is for her to bump and grind against.

Offering 10 different modes, with one wowzer-strong intensity, this ring is perfect for couples who like a bit of extra oomph in the bedroom!

Slip the ring over the manhood before it’s fully hard, all the way down to the party bag, and switch on the vibration before hopping onboard and moving in ways that feel good for you.

Cool Boy is USB rechargeable, and 100% waterproof for fun in the bath or shower.

Cool Boy Cock Ring

Feelztoys Tongue Toys

For couples who love no thing better than a sumptuous evening of dining in, vibrating Tongue Toys are the obvious choice: oral sex with the added benefit of a thrilling buzz!

You each slip a vibrating bullet over your tongue before diving in and feasting on your partner’s most delicious bits. Whilst you can of course take turns, Feelztoys Tongue Toys really lend themselves to the 69-position where you pleasure each other simultaneously.

The small bullets deliver a medium-intense vibration at a single speed. This might not sound like much, but coupled with a warm, flexible tongue licking and lapping at sensitive parts, the only moans you’ll hear are good ones…

Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26

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