5 Oral Sex positions To Try Now

It’s pretty much the truth universally acknowledged that oral sex is seriously hot; most of us love receiving it and just as many also jump at the opportunity to give it.

For women especially, oral sex is a great way to get the soft but constant clitoral stimulation that many need to achieve orgasm. Fingers can be a little too firm and not everyone is into vibration, but most of us can get onboard with a moist, agile and patient tongue… Le sigh.

Just like other sex play, oral sex can be enjoyed in ways too many to count, but we have our list of top 5 oral sex positions below – read on for inspiration!

Face Sitting

Also known as “queening” or “kinging” (depending on who is sitting on your face and how they identify), this is an ace position for some seriously sensual genital or anal lickery.

This is a particularly great position for female-bodied persons who find it difficult to climax laying down. Ths position gives freedom to move in ways that feel great for the face-sitter, rocking and rolling their hips rhythmically.

As the sitter, you want to avoid sitting directly on your partner’s face – however much they beg –  and opt for a more hovering position. Make sure that the partner on the bottom can breathe comfortably and isn’t straining their neck.

If you fancy being a tease, you could raise yourself so that your lush bits are just out of reach, which also happens to be an excellent workout for your thighs…

Sex tip: Sit facing the headboard or wall – this gives you something to lean against when pleasure becomes almost too intense. 😉

Oral Doggy

Wirly-Girly 2Got a kink for doggy style sex? We have great news for you: oral sex is great fun from behind too!

This position is fantastic because you can rock back and forth to control the angle and pressure of the stimulation that you are receiving. Lowering yourself by spreading your thighs wider ensures your partner can get at you better, plus the tempting view will have them hungry for more…

Rimming (anal licking) tends to happen naturally in this position – you’re in an optimum position for all-over attention.

Sex tip: a dildo can easily be added to this position, whether for vaginal or anal play. 

The Cliffhanger

Feeling dominant? Great! The Cliffhanger is the position for you.

Sit yo’self on the edge of the bed, spreading your legs wide apart. Have your partner on their knees in front of you. Your partner’s head will likely be angled downwards in this position (unless you have a particularly high bed frame), meaning that they have direct and easy access to your clit or peen. Invite them to use their hands to splay you open, before dipping a finger or two inside to ramp up the pleasure.

From the sitting position, you can easily lay back and get lost in a favorite sex fantasy, whilst they feast for hours.

Sex tip: let your submissive sit on a cushion to protect their knees. After all, you might be in this position for a while…

Standing Up

Standing up whilst your partner is kneeling in front of you is a seriously hot position – for both of you. This can be enjoyed in the bedroom, kitchen or office – anywhere that takes your fancy, really. We recommend trying it in the shower; leaning against cool tiles with hot steam rising around you both is incredibly erotic and a super-sexy start to any day…

Standing up oral sex is great for when you want to feel powerful and ensure that your partner has easy access to all your juicy bits. If they have a submissive streak, this position can easily play into that.

We’re going to slip in a little note here: if you have a penis or a dildo attached to you, you want to check with your partner before engaging in any facef*cking. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and shouldn’t be thrust upon anyone without prior discussion.

Sex tip: place your hands on their head so that you can gently guide their mouth to where it needs to be.

Raising the Bar

Feelztoys Tongue ToysSome people prefer to receive a tongue lashing whilst on their backs and we have a good position for that too. You can enjoy this on a bed, but the floor (and a soft rug or blanket) may offer a little bit more support for your back; lay down flat and lift your bum and legs off the floor, pulling your knees close to your body. This leaves you wide open for easy access and your partner has a couple of options depending on what’s most comfortable for them.

Your partner can rest on their elbows and knees, placing their mouth on you. Or, they can lie flat on their front and prop themselves up on their elbows and lower arms, maybe cupping your bum to help hold you up from below.

Sex tip: a tongue vibrator is a great addition to this position; gentle licks with the bonus of gentle buzzing is likely to tip you over the edge in no time!


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