Romantic, Wild & Fantasy Valentine Date Lingerie

Dressing to impress for those perfect Valentine dates has never been easier – whatever your style – romantic, wild or fantasy, we have exciting lingerie to both look & feel great in. Our easy guide below will help create a Valentine’s Day (and night, more importantly!) that is as hot as can be. As Easy … Continue reading Romantic, Wild & Fantasy Valentine Date Lingerie

Q&A: The Truth About Hymens & Sex

Hi Sh! Team! I’m from Indonesia. I am very interested in women empowerment, especially in sexual empowerment. I’d been brainwashed by my family’s custom and religion; leaving me sexually devastated cause I haven’t found a husband to channel everything yet. I actually had a boyfriend (whom I broke up with last August) that was interested … Continue reading Q&A: The Truth About Hymens & Sex

10 Sex Commandments for 2017

Thou Shalt Have More Orgasms Make 2017 the Year of Your Vagina – celebrate its moist existence and let it out to play regularly. Stay in and feast by yourself or invite others to the party – as long as those climaxes keep coming, you’ll be able to face the grayest of Monday mornings. Smash … Continue reading 10 Sex Commandments for 2017

Q&A: Which Lube is Best for Me?

I am a disabled woman and am entering the menopause. Vaginal dryness is a problem and annoyingly I have an allergy to the crèmes recommended by the Drs. which have oestrogen in them so cannot lubricate for sex this way. I have been experimenting with a variety of over the counter non hormone lubricants to … Continue reading Q&A: Which Lube is Best for Me?

2016 – Our Best Moments

They say time flies when you’re having fun and it’s certainly true for Team Sh! Today we’re looking back at all our favourite moments of 2016. This slip-slidey trip down memory lane happened with the help of our blog and Facebook – both very neat diaries of all the fun stuff we do in the name … Continue reading 2016 – Our Best Moments

And the Best Vibrator is…

The most common question asked in our  London sex shop is “Which is the best vibrator?” Customers are somewhat disappointed when we explain that there is no easy answer – when you have a choice of a cherry-picked selection of all the very best toys the industry has to offer, there is not one single … Continue reading And the Best Vibrator is…

Q&A: I have No Interest in Sex

I’ve suffered from lichen sclerosis for several years (I am now 55) and have finally had successful treatment via the gynaecology team at the Royal Free, who recommended you. I have been using vaginal dilators to help improve elasticity, but the largest one is still uncomfortable to use and penetration by my husband is impossible.  … Continue reading Q&A: I have No Interest in Sex