Best Of Best Women's Erotica

Edited by Marcy Sheiner
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'Women's sexuality in all its wet, juicy, romantic and lustful guises' - Libido

Experience the hottest of the hot, the best of the Best Womens Erotica series.

This fearless collection covers a thrilling range of women's sexual desires and exploits - rough, delicate, dangerous, imaginative - by writers as accomplished as Isabel Allende, Carol Queen, Cecelia Tan, Cara Bruce, and Maryanne Mohanraj.

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A sneaky peek between the covers:

My ex-boyfriend and I used to play a game that seemed so naughty to me, I still blush at the thought. I'm sure other people have done worse, and I'm sure some folks will think it was nothing to feel guilty about...

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Author: Edited by Marcy Sheiner
Publisher: Cleis Press
Publishing Date: 2005


Cleis Press

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"More of a philosophical difference about what erotica is..." by Trix
40% of 100
40% of 100
40% of 100
I struggled over the star rating, since a lot of these stories are well-written from a literary standpoint. It's more of a philosophical difference about what erotica is. Sheiner has openly stated a preference for darker work, and so many of these stories are downbeat ("Tic Sex," "Emergency Room") or downright tragic ("Lita"), completely diminishing any sensual thrill for me.
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