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Bend Over: The complete guide to anal sex

Bend Over: The complete guide to anal sex


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Bend Over: The complete guide to anal sex

Comprehensive anal sex guide geared toward men, by Stephan Niederwieser

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  • Product Description

    "Bend over": two words that can provoke a lot of anxieties.

    Will it hurt? Will I enjoy it? Do I have judgements about myself for being a bottom? (Do I have judgements about sex in general?) What's the risk of infection? ....

    And tops are hardly anxiety-free: Am I big enough? Is this a good position? And again: what's the risk of infection?

    Bend Over: The Complete Guide to Anal Sex for Men tackles these and other questions head on. Geared toward both the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner, Bend Over is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to the unique pleasures of anal sex.

    Everything is covered, from basic anatomy and solo sex to technique, positions, sex toys, lube, S&M and much, much more-with a sharp focus on the dynamics behind gay male sex.

    Packed with information, Bend Over is conversational, funny, and never lets you forget that the bottom line in anal sex is fun.

  • technical info

    Author: Stephan Niederwieser
    Publisher: Bruno Gmunder
    Publishing date: 2011

  • Product Reviews
    1. A thought provoking read which gave us lots of ideas, even if we aren't the target audience! by Jennifer


      I am not a gay man, I identify as a genderqueer lesbian but both me and my girlfriend absolutely love anal, and are a little bit obsessed with it, and were both interested to see it from a gay male perspective. This is a fascinating book to read, though of course there are certain aspects which do not apply to non-gay male audiences, but the most interesting chapters looked at the psychology of anal sex. What does it "mean" to be a bottom? Why is there a stigma attached to it? It is very much possible to be a "power bottom", anal sex is not black and white, the tired old "roles" of "dominant", "passive" etc are not useful and feel outdated. This explores the mutuality of anal play.

      The tone of the guide is cheeky, but informative, retaining a sense of humour, pragmatism and never sounding like a biology textbook! The sexual health tips are practical, and obviously important, but there is a real focus on how anal sex and anal pleasure is a profound exercise in trust, how it can be used to bring couples closer together. (Posted on 15/04/2014)

    2. "Most of the technical advice can also carry over to women..." by Trix


      The book's definite targeting to a gay male audience can be kind of a voyeuristic thrill in itself (heightened by the grainy-looking but fairly explicit photos included throughout the book), but most of the technical advice can carry over to women. Niederwieser has a very unique voice: scholarly and wisecracking at once, he gives new meaning to the word "smartassed." (While his frank considerations of potential...side-effects...of anal sex can be rather gross, he is also surprisingly romantic when he discusses partnered sex.) He is very thorough and conscientious when discussing the prevention of HIV and other STDs, though I wish he'd given more emphasis to safe materials for sex toys and lube. Now, I'm eager to read BLOW ME! and some of his other books... (Posted on 12/03/2014)

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  • Sex Tip For Bend Over: The complete guide to anal sex
    Sex guides can be a great way to encourage open communication between you and your partner, even about topics and questions that you'd rather avoid!
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