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Visual Sex

Ladies - Learn how to strip for yourself and enjoy the visuals!

Before you book yourself in for pole-dancing classes or sign up for a Learn the Art of Striptease - why not to enjoy visual sex just for you. Not only will it visual sex give you confidence and practice, it will be one hell of a turn on. Watching yourself perform may feel weird at first - If you are too shy to look into your face just follow your hands and image yourself in the third person.

Youll need a mirror and whatever kind of lighting you find sexy; Harem candles? Brothel-like red glow ? Interrogators spotlight?

Decide beforehand if being totally naked or peeling away underwear would feel sexier and dress accordingly.

Carefully trimming or shaving your pubic hair may enhance the visual even more, as well as heighten your anticipation.

Music for mood and for you to move suggestively to its beat

some extra silky Lube to make you glisten ...
A sensual Vibrator or fulfilling Dildo to pleasure yourself with.

A chair to bend over, sit astride or hook your leg up on ...

Watch whatever you do in your mirror - you are both exhibitionist and voyeur so take yourself deep into the fantasy and watch yourself perform your ass off!

- By Kathryn Hoyle

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