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Bondage Collars

Bondage Collars

Beautiful bondage collars manufactured by Sh! in the UK.
Bondage Collar: Blue Leather
Princess Collar Blue Spike
Princess Collar Black Spike
Leather Bondage Collars Made by Sh!
Luxury Slave Collar: Purple
Luxury Slave Collar: Blue
Luxury Slave Collar: Black
Luxury Bondage Collars. Made by Sh!
Princess Collar Rubber Stud
Princess Collar: Rubber Spike
Bondage Collar: Rubber
Rubber Bondage Collars. Made by Sh!
Telephone 03333 444 005
Press 2 for Mailorder (10-6pm Mon-Fri)
Press 1 for Store (Til 8pm Everyday)

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Princess Bondage Set: Red

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Princess Collar Rubber Stud

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